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be my virtual top
hey!!.. i have followed SB for some time now and find it so much fun. I am a twenty year old male and feel like i have hit a SB wall so to speak lol. I am looking for a kind of virtual top who can give me orders to follow and scenarios to act out. i own a set of handcuffs,nipple clamps,clothes pegs,rope,chain,padlocks,high heels,various womens clothes and i guess what ever else you guys and gals can think of round the home....or ive heard in the garden Tongue (nettles) Tongue i dont really have any quims with anything and will try anything once no matter how twisted or evil lol. i really think it would be a massive turn on doin something that someone else wants me to do....and there may be some photographic evidence in it for you Smile i hope to hear from someone and i will be waiting hogtied next to my laptop !!! lol

thankyou very much and ii cant wait for some instructions......use me and abuse me.... :twisted:
though I am normally more of a bottom type myself I could happily give you some fun scenarios.*wink*