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Your suggestions for a session or more
Hi to all you happy perverts 😁

Have managed to get myself a few days of freedom (or hopefully not! Lol ) and plan to make the very best use of them for some serious and not so serious SB and Pantyhose fun

Ideally looking to try 4 or 5 sessions over the same number of days and am seeking some fresh ideas to try out.

I've got likes, dislikes and 'might likes', just like the rest of us - so if I give you some 'props' can people suggest some scenes?

I like to use
Pantyhose (tights) in Tan or Black
High-heeled boots (very sexy lace-up ankle boots)
Zentai suit (I have one in black)
Ball (including a head-harness) and ring gags
Enemas (only water and soapy water to date)
Encasement (pantyhose, zentai and plastic wrap)
lycra leotard, tight body & shorts
Rope (lots of!)
Cuffs and chains (wrist, ankle and collar)
Butt-plugs (small or medium) or dildos (small - medium)
A rope hoist (manual, but good for four times my weight)

I like to be: 😁
Helpless (well, that's the idea of SB, isn't it... Wink )
Wrists tied with rope (it's the ultimate turn-on for me, but how to make it work with SB?)
Suspended or at least tied with my head below my waist (is this even safe for long periods of time? :? )
Standing, but unable to move (tie to fixed object or tethered to a beam)
Comfortable.. err! Let me try to explain - I want my bondage to be erotic not sadistic. So that means tight is good 😁 , but rolling around in agony is bad :cry: . Enemas are good when they push all the right buttons, but very bad when the cramps are so painful you want to cry.

to mis-quote a favorite author: Erotic is using a feather, not the whole chicken! Lol

I might like: :?
An enema I'd be 'forced' to hold (haven't yet been brave enough to really be helpless and administer one - always hit the 'panic-button' early into the session, so maybe...?)
An enema other than just water or soapy water
To be truely bound for a set time (I have always able to either chicken out or escape my SB so far)
Other stimulation (maybe some sort of device to tease me??)
The prospect of a forced drink (have ring-gag, so can't stop... ?)
All night session (can you sleep in bondage?... WOW to wake up clad in pantyhose and bound 😁 )
Bound to something other than a bed (Chair, table... ?)
Latex (don't currently have anything, but might purchase something if cost ok and scene a good one 😊 )
Pantyhose encasement bondage with a timed release (I can comfortably use XXL panthose to trap my legs together and also my arms behind my back (the wonderful Ra has described this techique elsewhere), but I can never figure out how to make the bondage 'stick' for a timed period)

I don't like: Confusedhock:
Extreme pain and discomfort (sorry folks - I'm not going to crawl though nettles to get to a key)
Humiliation or the risk of discovery (this is taking place indoors and I'm not risking any type of 'trip in the dark' to get keys from under a bush or similar)
Anything too complex and/or risky to set up and escape from (not 'keys in the post' or subject to variables)
Long trails to recover keys (never been a turn-on to crawl through the house to undo lots of different locks)
Too much flesh being exposed (another one to explain - encasement is my thing, nylon being the best material. If I can, then I always cover everything up in multiple layers, body, legs, head, cock and balls (mmm... nice!) arms and hands. So naked or too much flesh probably won't work for me)

So... there you go - my dirty pervert life on a page (or 2)

Really hope that someone can come up with a good idea (or 5!) and should I try it out (and I survive Wink ) I promise to report back to the forum.

Over to you players now - I promise to respond by the end of April and will report back on anything tried around mid-May

Looking forward (I hope :? ) to your ideas

What a post! That will take me some time to respond 😉

Since we have very similar interests, I can probably advice you something. I'm almost done with some updates, I hope you might find them useful.
Hi Ra!

Thanks for your response - sadly it's the only one to date.... ☹

I can still have fun by myself Lol

Have checked out (again) your techniques and will almost certainly try some (most?!) of them in a week or two's time.

I just hope they aren't too good! - don't worry, will have a back-up plan in case of difficulties (even if it's a tin of cooking oil above the bed with spare set of keys inside - YUK!)

And to all you other shy readers out there, don't always hide your happy sercret from others - unless, of course, you're dressed in your wife's best pantyhose, butt-plugged, bound, gagged and cowering behind the sofa until night fall and freedom... probably OK for you to hide then Lol, how many ice-cubes do I need for 2 hours at 20C? I always forget, is it 5 or 50... must be 50..... :?

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