Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

nsa swimsuit one piece
NSA Competition Sharkskin Fabric Knee Length One Piece Women's Training & Racing Swimwear Waterproof Quick Dry Swimsuit

Realistic Dildos Skin Sliding Foreskin Testicles Female Vaginal Stimulation with Suction Cup Big Penis Anal Sex Toys for Women

oil encasement
Sexy Fetish Oil Shine Spandex Sheer Bodysuit See Through Long Sleeve Body Restraint Sack Encasement Catsuit Mermaid Costume

XCKNY swimsuit
XCKNY satin glossy One piece swimsuit sexy tight shinny swimsuit sexy slim tight oil glossy swimsuit Fitness clothes

breath control latex
Latex Breathing Bag Valve Adjustable Negative Pressure Bottle Water Filter 40mm Interface Breath Control Equipment Sex Party

sissy femboy
Boy Girl Pink and Blue Symbol Polo Style Sissy Femboy Transexual Baseball Cap Fishing cap Trucker Hat For Men Women's

silicone bodysuit
CYOMI Silicone Muscle Suit Male Fake Chest Bodysuit Realistic Belly Man Artificial Simulation Muscles with Arms for Crossdresser

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Electronic selfbondage and chastity box
Electronic selfbondage and chastity box

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When the school tells you someone hacked the computers.
No s**t

The grading system:
The passwords are 6 digits of numbers.
The account names are all public.
There is no ip ban or access control to limit bruteforcing.
There is no login record or login monitoring.
Google auto fills the password so if someone gets access to an open computer they can steal the codes.

The test system:
Never closes the test after taking it, simply greys out the link.
All tests are labeled in sequence and can be guessed.
System takes best attempt and does not check for weirdness.
No system to show attempts taken or rectify having too many attempts recorded.

Computer login system:
 all accounts are administrators.
Computer login is the same as unprotected test system which can be broken into.
Computer login can be done from anywhere on the system such as in a quiet corner. 

But yes. Such a mystery how it could be hacked. No reason at all.

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