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What style of costumes for Halloween?
The crazy Halloween is coming, do you have your favorite style of costumes? Here is mine, cool?

[Image: cf2cf6c94dc9f18966fa700025190542.image.320x427.jpg]
A few of my favourite costumes:

2.jpg    WW1.jpg    WW2.jpg   
Ref pic 1.jpg    BC3.jpg    BC4.jpg   
Catwoman_Model.jpg    ArkhamCity1.jpg    ArkhamCity2.jpg   
AM1.jpg    AM2.jpg    AM3.jpg   
88413_batcgtc857r_122_766lo.jpg    Catwoman1.jpg    Catwoman2.jpg   
cos2.jpg    5757555403_c2db1f62b1_z.jpg    5745188921_c654624d9c_z.jpg   

This year's project? You might spot a bit of a theme emerging here... ;-)

The rest of my costume arrived today...

Is this batwomen or catwomen?
(22 Oct 2012, 22:47 )culmor Wrote: The rest of my costume arrived today...
Soooo... any plans for it? ;P
It's Selina Kyle from 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Selina Kyle is traditionally the alter-ego of Catwoman although she's just called 'the catburglar' in the movie.

@Like Raa:
Depends on my courage...
Halloween pics...

Up1.jpg    Up2.jpg   
(01 Nov 2012, 00:18 )culmor Wrote: Halloween pics...
Looks good and very authentic, but too vanilla in my perverted opinion (IMPO) Big Grin OTOH, it's warmer than latex, and it's too cold outside (for batgirls to fly Wink
It's never too early to get started, here's the GLaDOS costume I'm planning for MCM London Expo this year:


Still working on the headpiece...
(30 Jun 2013, 06:32 )culmor Wrote: It's never too early to get started, here's the GLaDOS costume I'm planning for MCM London Expo this year:

Still working on the headpiece...

Coool Smile

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