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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
From €450 per week

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Webcam sessions
Hello everyone 

I had this idea today, and wanted to get peoples feed back. The idea was a website that I could run were people could pay a small amount of money to lock me in chastity. I would designate a period of time were anyone who wants, can basically buy my sexual freedom. The session could be monitored by the people who pay through either carlilock or Emmalock. I would use a lock box to prevent myself from getting the keys. And the combination would only be on whichever site I use. When the chastity time is up, then the site would send me the combination and my cock would be free. 

In addition to the chastity time I would also offer to do daily tasks. The rates would look something like this. 
-5$ would be a day in chastity and a small daily task( watch 10 min sissy hypno, or wear parties today, or sleep in a butt plug) 
- 20$ would be 3 days in chastity along with 2 hr on one of those three days designated to a webcam session. In this session I would be yours. You can make me do whatever you want (within my limits of course). Some examples of what you can make me do are self bondage, humiliation, cbt, punishment, ect. 

Bear in mind that this idea came to me 2 hrs ago so it’s a work in progress. My reason for posting is that I want to see if people like me want to see something like this on the internet? All feedback is welcomed.
I don't think I'd be interested in paying for someone else's enjoyment like that...

You should give a look though, if you've not come across it: there's not a real person at the other end of it, but it'll generate tasks and punishments for you. If I were single, I'd be all over it! Gave it a go anyway for a few weeks, but found it too hard to engage with on the quiet.

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