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We had Indian music, now...
let me give you

Bosnian Kolo

in three steps

Recently, I found out a bit more about a flute that my parents bought long time ago. It is called a Dvojnice (dwoy-nee-tse) and here is a master of playing it:

Well, it was amazing to see this little flute in action, I could hardly believe that mine could do the same in the right mouth.

Looking on, I found pretty cool traditional dance music from Bosnia:

The music has quite an effect on the listener after a while, must be so much stronger on the dancers!
Years ago, I had danced to similar music in a restaurant in Moscow, it was great fun.

Btw., Bosnian girls are really cute!

From there to electronics:

PS: I had found a much better movie on Bosnian Kolo House, but no idea where it was, here it is:
(just a still though)

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