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Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
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Virtual Reality
I just recently acquired a Oculus Quest 3 and was looking around for some VR focused hypnosis content and realized pretty quickly it's difficult to find any content. Does anyone have any suggestions of places to look or content they suggest? Thanks.
I tried to find some a couple years ago but have not had much luck. I pretty much only found male POV videos which don't interest me by KinkVR from and some others I never paid much attention to.
Sleepy Crown seems to have a video series that seems made for VR. Maybe check it out!
I love putting some 2D hypnos on and watching them in my quest. Would be great if they were designed for VR (gonna check out Sleepy Crown) but even the flat videos are great.
TomTame has some videos that can be used with VR glasses/lens/machines (what are we calling them?), but they're not true VR. There is one estim one that has a hypno track, but I can't recall the name of it. Will have to find it again.
Hello sweeties.


Not a true VR video but a Side-By-Side video.

Enjoy it, with moderation  😋 

Sadly there is no VR Hypnosis at least what i would imagine VR Hypnosis would be. Like sitting in an office mimiking what a real hypnosis session would be. There is the MMM on Steam but its more like VR Spirals paired with an mp3 hypnosis file.

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