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Vegas Show'Girls'?
In reply to this question on Fodor's travel site:
Are there any of the traditional Vegas-style Showgirl productions without topless dancers? If so, can anyone recommend some? Thanks.

'Patrick' replied
There are a number of showgirl revues which are all really men -- so I doubt if those are topless.

Now, I've heard this story before but I've always thought it was an urban legend, that unable to find enough tall, skinny women to fill the chorus line producers sometimes employ men (I've seen the trope referenced in several television shows and movies).

Anyone have any real-life evidence either way?

Slap on enough makeup and I'm pretty sure a lot of guys could look pretty androgynous under show lighting. For example, so far as I know these are all genetic women but remove the collars covering their Adam's apple/s and their heavy slap and who knows..?

...(edit) ...these bear repeating:

 332168875_a696d6b3fa_o1.jpg     332168875_a696d6b3fa_o.jpg     2722577000_9da8f4cccc.jpg   

By this question I don't mean shows like these:

 DIVAS.jpg     Cher.jpg     la-cage.jpg   

which make it obvious they feature men in drag but shows where guys perform as women without the audience being aware.

Edit again, heh,heh,heh...


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