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Vacbedbound´s selfbondage pillory
Today i want to show you my self built Self-bondage System. It is made out of 4 padded leather straps, 8 Segufix magnetic Locks and a 1m long wood bar! It is very flexible, because you can tie your ankles and your wrists in different variations and distances. And you can use in different positions. Laying on your back and pulling the bar up with ropes or in doggy position with an dildo that holds your butt in position. It was a lot work to built it, but the parts were not expensive.

1-20783832gg.jpg thumbnail   

For the Restraints, i used a thick leather strap, which i bought on ebay for 17€, a 12mm strong piece of foam-padding and a big piece of soft leather, that i took from an old black leather sofa on the bulky trash.
For the locking, i used 8 the Segufix locks which i plugged through the Leather straps. I bought them on ebay for 20€

2-20783830ew.jpg thumbnail    3-20783831eh.jpg thumbnail   

To sew the leather I used a sewing-awl and some drills for the holes. To drill the holes you should built yourself a template out of wood.

I Sewed the restraints like you can see here:

It takes a long time, but I always had to think about the result, which made me really horny the whole time! Tongue

4-20783828ph.jpg thumbnail    5-20783829rz.jpg thumbnail   

I drilled some holes in the wood bar in the same distance like the Segufix locks on the straps, so you can insert the straps through the holes and close them with the Segufix locks on the backside. In the middle of the wood bar, I screwed on a flange for 25mm tube. This is really cool because you can fasten a 90 degree tube bow with a attached dildo for some anal play. This is a really strange feeling! The bondage feels really restrictive with the attached dildo.

6-20783833qx.jpg thumbnail    7-20783834xu.jpg thumbnail   

To open the locks you can use a piece of wood with two strong magnets at the end. If you can grab it you only have to hold it under the Segufix magnetic locks, then they fall of and you are free.

I thought about a electro magnet, controlled with a timer to unlock the Segufix locks, but I could not find an electro-magnet that was strong enough and not to expensive.

I hope I could inspire you. What do you think about it?

Here we go...
Today i show you my Electromagentic Release!

Lock.png thumbnail    IMG_2886.JPG thumbnail   

First i thought about, just placing a electromagent under the Segufix would work to open the Lock! But Electromagents are stong, but they do not a huge range! So i built this device!
I hope you can understand how it works! I painted it in cut view!

This is how i use it:
I activate the timer for the electromagent, then i use my finger to push the PVC piece to the electromagent. If the electromagent is powered it stays in that position! Now i can put my cuff through the woodbar and the Segufix Lock holds it!

If the Timer has finished, the spring pushes the PVC piece with a strong neodym magent under the Segufix lock and the lock opens!

It works perfect!!!
What I think about it? Euhhh, "WAAAW" describes it best.
Not bad. Not bad at all.
I think it's great that there are more of us DIYs out there.
Got any other ideas?
I got to many ideas and not enoth time to built them and write about it!
Maybe this week i will built my magnet release! When it is ready i will show it to you! But i think it will be to complicated for you to built it! I am a Mechanic and have all kind of turning and milling maschines, that i can use at work!
Speaking of magnets. Have a look at this thread: DIY electronic selfbondage cuffs