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Vacbed hickey marks
Hello all and sorry if this is the wrong forum. Anyway I've for a while now been playing with my vacbed, which is awesome. But as I've played more my sessions have also grown longer and the problem I'm having is the hickey marks or skin marks that I get after use. Now normally it's not a problem as they fade away in a few days, but if I stay longer in the bed like 2+ hours I start getting blisters and bruises on my shoulder and arms which take a while to heal. I have been wondering if there is any way to not get them. I have tried using a yoga mat under my shoulders and lube, it helps a little but doesn't remove the problem. Would wearing a latex shirt for example help? Or are there any other tricks that I could use to help prevent blisters and bruises?
I had the same problem. Your Pump/Vacuumcleaner is to strong. I solved it by using a adjustable Vacuumswitch wich turns the Pump off, if the adjusted pressure is reached.
A Vacuum about -0,1bar is enough, to hold you very tied and leave no marks.
Check out this one:
Ok, thank you for the suggestion. How do you use this switch though, where does it connect? Currently I have set up a timer to start the vacuum every 5 minutes for 5 seconds or so to keep it tight. I'm assuming this switch would replace the timer? Can you set it up so the vacuum only goes on once the pressure goes below - 0,1bar?
i just used a T piece to install the swith. You can see it on the picture.
The cool thing about the switch is, that it turns the pump off if the vacuum is reached and turns it back on if the vacuum gets lower. The switch also has a second contact. You can use it to turn on a vibrator when the vacuum is reached.
[Image: 29972463dv.jpg]
Ahh okay now I understand how it works. I will have to try it out next time. Thank you for the help Smile

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