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Trouble editing a post
At the moment, I am writing a post
and this consists of real-life testing, then editing, then testing etc. Not sure if anybody will read live, but who knows... Well, the trouble is that when I want to edit the post, part of it disappears. I helped myself by copying the complete post before editing, but I am sure this is not how it is supposed to work. Probably nothing to worry about too much, but perhaps someone has an idea for a solution.
Never had this problem before. Just checked the maximum post length - it's set to infinity, do no restrictions here.

Probably, it happens because the browser caches the old version of the post. Shift - Reload should help in this case.
I had this trouble when I was addingmore oictures to my existing post. I manually deleted the cache and it seemed to work fine. I'll try the shift-reload next time.
I have also noticed that whenever I click "edit" to edit a post, I must manually hit "reload" once, or otherwise chances are that whatever I edited the previous time around are lost when I click save.
I think I've found the option and disabled browser caching. Please let me know if it helped.

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