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Tried a few new ideas!!
I had the morning to myself today so wanted to try out a few ideas I've seen on the boards here.

First up I tried the sticky sheet mummification.  I've used the pole technique before, but never really achieved a tight wrap and found the tiptoeing round a little tricky.  On the bed I made a large sheet with black pallet wrap, and put the tape on the inside.  I then wrapped each of my legs individually before wrapping them together.  Wrapped my body and each arm.  By this time it was pretty tight so wrapping the tape around my arms sticky side out was quite tricky.  I then lay face down and pressed my body into the sheet and rolled.  The sheet had a good amount of overlap so was three to four layers thick.  

I have to say that I'll not be using a pole again after this method - it works so well.  It took about 20 minutes to free myself.  I had a couple of pairs of scissors handy that I could easily reach once I got my hands out of the pallet wrap, but wanted to try and free myself without tools.  It was a sweaty struggle!!

Next, I set about an ice cube release rope bondage scene. I got dressed in a satin blouse, pencil skirt and black tights. Spent a bit of time doing my make up. The hemline of my skirt sits just at my knees, so the knee coils were tied just below. I tied my ankles and knees, with a SRD attached to the ankles.  I fed the cinch noose up through the knee coils.  I was sitting up and attache a chain, one end to the bed and the other to the knee loop.  This meant that I was effective tied to the bed and couldn't get to the scissors on the other side of the room until the ice melted.  The padlocks were daisy chained just above my knees.  Fed my hands through the wrist coil and cinched it first with a zip tie, then the cinch noose.  Once I'd pulled on the SRD my hands were pulled to my knees and couldn't move at all.  I'd left the knot of the knee loop at the front so was way too easy to release myself.  Once I'd realised this I didn't wait for the ice to melt but just released myself.

As I had more time to play with now I thought I'd try a couple of other things.  I've never been able to achieve an inescapable hog tie until today!!  Ankles and knees first tied with rope.  Then a chest harness with an anchor at the rear.  Two SRD's - one to pull my ankles to the chest harness and the other to pull my wrists to my knees.  Again, put my wrists through the coil and cinched it with a zip tie.  Then first pulled on the rope to bring my ankles up.  As soon as I did this a realised it was going to be a very strict hog tie.  Then I pulled to bring my wrists to my knees.  There was absolutely no wriggling out of this.  I had to cut the ropes to free myself, but it was such a fun experience.

Finally, I went spread eagle on the bed.  I covered the entire bed with paper couch roll, the kind of stuff you get on the examination couches at the doctor.  I'd been clothed in the previous scenes, but I love the feeling of this paper on my skin so got undressed for this final scene.  I rigged four SRD's - one to each corner of the bed.  It's a big bed so can pretty much get full extension once everything is tight.  To release I have a knife that I can wriggle my hand to, and a backup that one of the SRD's to my hands is secured with a couple of zipties that can be broken with enough force.  If they don't break, I'm stuck until someone gets home!  I put each ankle through the loops, wrapped the paper round my legs then pulled them tight.  Nipple clamps, ball gag and blindfold put on next before a hood made of the paper.   It's completely breathable so no danger of asphyxia.  Hands into each wrist loop, then pulled so my arms are extended.  This was the climax of the morning 😎

In all a fun and satisfying mornings self-bondage.
OK, I'm hijacking this thread to report my session.

The wife has gone off this weekend to see friends & left me locked in my cage and instructions to "have fun"

So off I go looking for what I can use & I came up with an Ikea Gilbert chair with the legs removed,a medium/large butt plug & some webbing


Notice the indents between the base & back - useful to keep webbing where it's needed..
So I stick the plug to the chair then sit on it backwards & proceed to tie my legs to the chair base using the webbing, so I can move up & down without the plug escaping.
2 webbing straps, crossed over under the chair base. Then get wrapped in a loop round thighs & through the gripper thing.
Gripper things are out of sight under the chair, but done, so the loose ends can be pulled to get it to the correct tightness.

Then follows 1/2 an hour of frustration as I attempt to get my jollies.
Plenty of frustration & leaking, but no magical ending.

I'm definitely going to try this again if I get the chance, as it wasn't too difficult to set up.
I'd like to tell the wife about it, but I'm only allowed to talk to her about my kink if she asks...

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