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Tight mini-shorts
I have a separate fetish for skin tight mini-shorts, preferably with pantyhose of course, but I will not complain about bare tanned slender legs Tongue  

If you have some related pictures or videos, you know what to do Wink

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Don't forget to add a pony tail
Love this one...
pantyhoseorder.jpg thumbnail   
"May I take your pantyhose order madam?"
"Why yes my dear, I'll have what you're wearing."
Tight minishorts with tights are of course a staple of 'Hooters'. For some bizarre reason their waitresses aren't allowed to wear their hair tied up or (if they have naturally straight hair) straight. But they aren't allowed to colour it either. Odd, as 'Hooters' intention is to give a 'cheerleader' look and cheerleaders colour and tie up their hair all the time.
I once had a boss who claimed the only thing you found under pony-tails were arseholes.

God, I've worked for some idiots over the years.
pantyhose-shorts-93-shiny-black.jpg thumbnail    pantyhose-shorts-94-shiny-black.jpg thumbnail    pantyhose-shorts-95-shiny-black.jpg thumbnail    pantyhose-shorts-96-shiny-black.jpg thumbnail    pantyhose-shorts-97-shiny-black.jpg thumbnail   
Also an interesting combination:

shorts-02_handcuffs.jpg thumbnail   
Sometimes short shorts are too short

candid_pantyhose_879_shiny_with_mini_shorts.jpg thumbnail   

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