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The prodigal son returns!
Well, maybe not prodigal, but I have previously been a lurking member of this forum many years ago. I don't even remember what my username was :X

A lot has changed since then. Day to day I'm a switch male who is masculine and has had female subs before. However, I was always harboring a submissive side, and that submissive side was heavily linked to gender-bending/crossdressing. Whenever I pictured myself in bondage, I was feminine. So it took a long time for me to accept that part of myself, but I've since embraced it. I'm mostly, straight, being I'm not attracted to masculine men. It's more of a D/s thing, and I enjoy pleasing anyone regardless of gender. I guess I sort of fit the "sissy" aesthetic, but I'm not really into the whole frilly outfits thing. But definitely hyper feminine at least. I am a little more into nudity/sex than some people here, but I also love material kinks and encasement. I do tend to wear a chastity cage. I have tons of clothes/outfits and BDSM gear at my disposal.

BDSM is really my number one priority with this identity. I want to challenge myself and my body, and of course be stimulated in the process. I like rope, straps, tape, cuffs/metal, pretty much any method of restriction. I'm also very into mummification and encasement bondage, linking to sensory deprivation. As most of the time I've been alone, I've come to really like predicaments and punishing scenarios to test myself. I'd consider myself a bit voyeuristic, but not enough to force my kinks onto the non-consenting public. The internet is good for this, because I can post pictures for everyone to see.

Kinks (non-exhaustive list):

Materials - Pantyhose, stockings, bodysuits, latex, PU leather

Bondage - Self bondage (duh), predicament bondage, mummification/sensory deprivation, hogties, arm binders, gags, hoods

Discipline - Whips, floggers, crops, canes, clothing pegs, electrostim, candle wax, CBT, sounding, watersports (as punishment...urine itself isn't that appealing)

Various - WaM (not food, oil, cum, mud), forced feminization, maid/domestic service, pony play, forced enema

My favorite self bondage sessions so far:
A) I placed my handcuff keys out in the backyard (which has no fence/hedge so neighbors can see). I encased myself with nylons (pantyhose and stockings), then wrapped duct tape over every inch of my body except for my nose and a small area to see. My legs were frog tie-style. After, I locked my wrists behind my back with the handcuffs. I was forced to move through my house on the floor, onto the porch, down to the yard, and then across the yard to the key. I remember how nice and cool the night air felt. What I forgot was I still needed the safety scissors, which were back in the house. Now that my arms were free I could move a little faster, but it was still a challenge.

B) I first prepared a bunch of clothes pegs with twine tied to each, which were all tied to a weight suspended from the ceiling. The weight was then tied to another rope that ran up over a beam in the ceiling and then dropped down behind a metal post. I tied myself to the post (legs/torso), and then with my arms still free I carefully affixed each peg to my body. I then gagged myself with a sock, pulled a nylon stocking over my head, and cleaved my mouth with black electrical tape. Then, grabbing the rope coming down from the beam, I slowly pulled the rope behind my back with both hands, which pulled the weight up from its neutral position. I didn't bond my wrists, but the weight was quite heavy and required me to grip it tightly. Over time my arms got tired, and inch by inch they moved higher and strained my shoulders. I was distressed, and the exertion required was making me hot (like physically). I felt the rope slip ever-so-slightly, and then my grip gave way. The weight dropped in its parabolic path, and as it passed the neutral point, it tore all of the attached pegs from my body. Very intense adrenaline rush.

So yeah, you'll probably see me around here 😊. Here are a couple relevant pictures of myself to get an idea...

 3WWREKb.jpg     FidntDC.jpg   
Very welcome aboard!

(28 Jun 2017, 09:22 )TVClaireB Wrote: you'll probably see me around here

Yes, please! 😉

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