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The groping of Matilda(Natasha Henstridge)
l love Natasha Henstridge. She is soo hot. She also carries that chubbiness well. Never thought she would evolve into such a curvy women from where she was in her species days. She seems happy and confident which makes a woman that much more sexy. I am really enjoying Natasha's transformation into a massive giantess, she is stunning. I want to write this story/movie idea with her as a lead role.

I was heavily inspired by No Exit (French: Huis clos) a 1944 existentialist French play by Jean-Paul Sartre and 8 Women (French: 8 femmes) a 2002 French dark comedy musical film

Matilda(played by Natasha Henstridge) was an attractive 44 year old divorced heterosexual upper middle class blonde. She was 5 ft 10 tall well built and well endowed(very large breasts). Although she was chubby, her body was beautifully proportioned because of her height. She have gained weight over the years, but she carried that chubbiness well. She never thought she would evolve into such a curvy women from where she was in her colledge days. She started getting weight after she gave birth to her son in April 2005. But she was happy and confident. She was rich from a wealthy family. She grew up rich. She was used to a lot of money and expensive things because of this. Also she came out as the winner during her divorce. Her ex husband was a successful businessman. They were married for over 16 years. From July 2003 until September 2019.

Since her divorce Matilda was enjoying life. For 16 years she was married to a man she thought she would grow old with and then he left her. Even though her marriage was always tough she did not want or expect the divorce. She begged him to reconsider, she offered to go to counseling, and even started going back to church. Nothing worked and she was devastated. She kept the house and the cars.

And then it happened... Matilda found herself happy and content on her own which she never expected. She made many new friendships and started going out and enjoying life. She started having sex with random young guys. Her sex life with her ex husband had died long before the divorce, so she was enjoying having sex with these young men.

August 2021. Matilda was driving home from this 50s themed costume daytime party. The party was held at this mansion in the middle of nowhere. It was a 100 minutes drive in one direction . Matilda was wearing this expensive Marilyn Monroe white dress costume(in the pictures).

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 natasha-henstridge-at-photoshoot-at-the-edinburgh-royal-commonwealth-pool_2.jpg     natasha-henstridge-at-photoshoot-at-the-edinburgh-royal-commonwealth-pool_4.jpg     natasha-henstridge-at-photoshoot-at-the-edinburgh-royal-commonwealth-pool_9.jpg   
Matilda had good time at the party, but she was really tired. She couldn't wait to get home. About an hour into the drive, the car started to lose power, and the engine started making a lot of noise. the engine temperature didn't seem to be out of the norm. The check engine light did come on for a while, but eventually turned back off. The oil light seemed to flicker from time to time as well. Matilda pulled over and let the car rest.

After about 5 minutes, she tried to start it again. It got all the way to the engine (slowly) starting up, but it putter ed out and shut down again. Matilda got out of the car. It was 5:40 pm. Matilda found herself surrounded by trees, and other wildlife. "Crap," she cursed to herself. She wished she didn't wear the glossy pantyhose and 5inch high heel white shoes, as they didn't help with the heat. But they were a part of the costume. She didn't have any other clothes. Only that Marilyn Monroe costume that she was wearing. Up ahead, she saw this two storey house not 40 ft feet away from where she was ."I am lucky" Matilda thought. The house had a sign that read "Bed and Breakfast". The front door was something that wouldn't look out of place in a row of terraced houses.

Matilda lifted up the hood and examined the damage; everything looked OK, but she didn't know what she was looking at anyway. She then grabbed her purse and headed over to the "Bed and Breakfast" As she reached the entrance, she saw no cars. She banged on the door and waited.

The door creaked open and Matilda was greeted by this skinny long white haired woman in her mid 70s.


"Come in "she said, "it is still hot outside. I am the owner"

"Thank you," Matilda replied, "I hope I'm not intruding? My car broke down. My car stalled, down the road not not 40 ft feet away from here. Just looking for some help," she said with a smile. "Mind if I borrow your phone?" she asked.

"Ooh, don't worry about that. My employee's brother is a mechanic. My name is Ann" B&B owner said smiling, "come in ." Matilda went inside. There was a kitchen and a living room. A group of women in their late 40s and 50s were sitting in the living room. One chubby red haired woman in her mid 40s was sitting in the kitchen. Matilda and Ann the B&B owner walked into the kitchen.

"Megan do you think you take a look at this lady's car? It is stalled, down the road not not 40 ft feet away" Ann asked . The chubby redhead Megan got up and said

"Not at all." Matilda gave her the car keys.

"I will try to fix you car. Or i will call my brother" chubby Megan responded as she stepped towards the exit.

"You have no idea how grateful I am," Matilda said.

"Ooh. Nonsense. I am glad i can help. " Ann responded" I am curious, why are you dressed like this? " she asked.

" I attended this 50s themed costume party. I was on my way home, when my car broke down" Matilda answered. .

" Ooh, i see. I don't have a spare bedroom. This place is full. These women are from all over New England. Some women's organisation payed for them to stay here over the weekend. These women are poor. Supposedly these socially awkward poor women are suffering from anxiety and depression. This organisation pays for them to stay at places like this and hang out with each other " Ann explained.

"I don't need a room. It is like 40 minutes drive from here to my house. I just need my car fixed " Matilda responded. "Can i use a bathroom. "she asked.

" Of course " Ann laughed" you can use the bathroom down the hall. Matilda thanked her and walked to the bathroom. The bathroom had no towels, no soap, a half roll of toilet paper, and the wastepaper basket was lined with a supermarket shopping bag. Wallpaper was peeling off the ceiling the walls were dirty, and the sink was filthy. Many of the light fixtures were missing bulbs. Matilda had to squat to pee because she didn't want to sit on that toilet seat. She took her time at the mirror and fixed her makeup. She pulled out her phone and called her son. She told him that she is fine , that she is going to be late. The reception was really bad and they couldn't hear each other very clearly, so she finished the conversation with her son.

Matilda got out of the bathroom. These women were still sitting in the living room. Matilda counted nine women. She noticed that all 9 women were small, ugly and weird looking. She didn't want any interaction with them. She got a few looks from the women, but she blew past them. The owner Ann was sitting in the kitchen.Matilda walked into the kitchen and sat on the table. They started a conversation, mostly small talk. Matilda and Ann asked each other questions about their lives and stuff . Matilda tried to politely answer.
The old woman Ann told her that she bought that B&B after her husband died from a heart attack 8 years ago. She told Matilda that her daughter lives in the area with her family. They were sitting on that kitchen table and talking for the next 20 minutes. Then suddenly chubby red haired Megan walked into the kitchen with this really short skinny freckled face creepy green eyes thin lips red haired masculine woman in her early 50s . Matilda got excited and spontaneously got up from the chair. She was expecting good news about her car.

"I am sorry, i tried. But i am not a mechanic, so i called my brother. He towed your car. This is my cousin Erin. She came with my brother. I told her about you. She wanted to see you with her own eyes. " chubby Megan said to Matilda. Matilda noticed that this cousin Erin was measuring her with her eyes as surely as a seamstress measures before she cuts.

"Wow. You are real. Megan said that there is a giant woman in Marilyn Monroe costume inside, but i had to see with my own eyes. You have such a regal bearing in this costume. You are so elegant.
Wow. You are such a big woman. Standing next to you i look like a midget. The size difference between us is beyond comical. You are a massive woman. " weird small ginger Erin said to Matilda. Matilda thanked her for the compliments and sat back on the chair . Chubby Megan sat on the other chair. There were only three chairs in the kitchen.

"Sorry Erin. My guests took the chairs. " the owner Ann explained.

"Don't worry Ann. I will stand. I don't mind" weird small ginger Erin responded and shuffled over to Matilda and stood behind her. She put her small hands on her shoulders. Her body immediately stiffened to her touch
"Matilda your skin is so soft," Erin said. " You have drop dead gorgeous clear skin. Wow. "

As she said this she began massaging her shoulders. Matilda was about to get up and scream at her, but she reminded herself this situation would not last forever and she would soon be driving home. Even though her skin was crawling, she comforted herself with that thought and tried to think of a happy place, not the fact that this creepy ugly short skinny ginger total stranger woman was massaging her shoulders. She looked at Ann and chubby Megan. They were engaged in conversation with small creepy ginger Erin like nothing is happening. 'I was being violated, people! Don't they see?!' she screamed in her own head. Then, she calmed herself down. Nothing can happen. she almost laughed out loud.. 'What is she doing anyway? She is just a small, older woman. I am physically stronger than her' she thought.

"Thanks, Erin" she said meekly, trying to keep her attention off of her.

"You deserve a massage Matilda" Erin said . She rubbed her shoulders for 7-8 minutes, while she was chatting with Ann and chubby Megan. Matilda just sat there silently, while this small weirdo ginger was rubbing her shoulders. Then she started rubbing up and down Matillda's upper arms and said "Matilda i love your matronly arms. Your skin is so soft. "

Matilda had her eyes closed trying to do everything in her power to ignore her. Then Erin finally removed her small hands from Matilda's upper arms and said " i need to pee" and went to the restroom. Matilda sighed in relief. It was nothing, just as she thought. She smiled widely. 5 minutes later Erin got back from the bathroom, walked up to Matilda and grinned ear to ear. She reached down and placed her right hand on Matilda's neck and gently massaged it with her small fingers.

Erin was chatting with Ann and Megan as she continued to massage Matilda's neck for the next 5 minutes. Matilda finally got up, said " i need to stretch my legs" and walked out of the kitchen.

Matilda went outside. She wanted to avoid this small ugly touchy feely weirdo ginger Erin. Also she needed some fresh air. Three of the women from the group guests at the B&B were outside. They were standing on the deck chatting. They were really ugly, short like 5ft3/5ft2, skinny and kinda masculine. One of them was this long horse's faced, big mouth, thin lips, outstanding and uneven teeth, greasy brownish hair masculine woman in her early 50s, the other was this skinny wrinkled face thin lips green eyes gray haired masculine ugly woman in her late 50s and the third one was this asian looking short haired woman in her late 40s. They wore long, loose-fitting T-shirts, jeans and sneakers.


Matilda didn't want any interaction with these women, so she just turned her back on them. She pulled out her phone, looked down at its screen, damn it she thought to herself no signal.

Her eyes shot open, her body jerking to attention.

Someone's hand was touching her rear!

Given the three weird small women were standing so close behind her on the small deck, she put it off as just an accident. That is, until that same hand began to squeeze. Small fingers dug lightly, but very noticeably into the tender flesh of her buttock through the fabric of her dress and glossy pantyhose .

Her breath caught in her throat; unable to speak, she tried turning around, ready to smack the pervert who had the nerve to fondle her. Yet, she just partially turned around, but her effort alone seemed to stop the unknown's advances, for the hand left her body. She started to relax, relieved to be free of the...

She nearly jumped when, again, her left butt cheek was kneaded by a small hand!

She couldn't believe it! She tired moving her arm, perhaps to elbow the attacker. But there were three women behind her, she couldn't tell which it was that had their hand on her. She couldn't tell who it could have been.

The thought of screaming came to her mind, as that hand continued its dance over her rear. Yet, just as she took in the air, she thought against it. Even if she did yell, how would it help? The one doing it would just stop, the women inside would get out and who would look at her like she is crazy. And so, she stayed quiet, though she did move forward, thinking that maybe the woman who was rubbing her ass would move as well, breaking her cover. But, instead of one moving, it seemed the three small creepy women moved right with her, all the while, the hand on her kept right on with its fondling.


Matilda always had big boobs and butt. She easily had the largest chest in her high school. But she was one of the lucky ones that's never had her boobs or ass grabbed before. Probably because of her bitch resting face. This was her first time getting groped. Her lack of familiarity with this type of situation was not just limited to being groped either, as so far Matilda had no involvement with lesbians at all. So she just silently stood there frozen with her purse in one hand and her phone in the other hand, while the small hand kept rubbing her ass.


As if sensing her predicament, the hand made a move that made Matilda gulp her fear. She felt her dress being bunched into a ball, before it was raised up to her hips! She was exposed, nothing but her glossy pantyhose protecting her now. Matilda didn't wear panties under her pantyhose. It didn't take long for that hand to fill itself with her ass again, this time she could feel the small fingers as they pressed into her ass through her glossy pantyhose. She still was unable to believe that this was happening. Here, on this small B&B deck , she was having her rear fondled, ravaged by a strange small ugly older woman, and she couldn't even tell who.

The last thought made her body shiver. Why was she....tolerating this?

She looked at herself in the glass window. How could she tolerate this?

Matilda didn't get the chance to answer her own question. Emboldened by the quiver her body had given, the hand managed to slip its fingers between the fullness of her thighs. Matilda squeaked in shock, pressing her legs together in an effort to stop her. The pressure only served to lock her fingers where they were, nestled to either side of the mound through the cover of Matilda's pantyhose. Then, they moved. Matilda's breath was stolen, as her most intimate place was stroked, a finger on either side, moving slowly over the smooth material of her glossy pantyhose. Her knees felt weak, almost giving out beneath her. She had to lock them, but in the process, her legs spread, loosening their hold. The hand now had full access to her.

But Matilda was once more in for a surprise.

The small hand pulled back, coming to rest again on Matilda's ass under her dress, and resuming it's kneading.

What?! The sound reverberated as Matilda screamed in her mind. "I can't actually be tolerating this ! That's not possi.....Oh no! What is wrong with me?" Then she finally managed to walk forward. As her body began to move , the small hand left her ass. She didn't even turn around. She just walked inside.

Matilda was totally confused and disoriented. In the kitchen the three women Ann, Megan and Erin were still sitting at the table and chatting. Matilda desperately wanted to avoid creepy small ginger Erin, so she walked into the living room. Six women were sitting in the living room. This really short like 5 ft 2 ugly pale face creepy green eyes thin lips light brown haired with Chin-Length haircut masculine woman in her mid 50s rose up from her chair and said "You are actually dressed like Marilyn Monroe. Why are you wearing this costume? My name is Patty. What is your name? "

"My name is Matilda. I attended this 50s themed costume party. I was on my way home, when my car broke down. So i am stuck here. I am waiting for my car to be fixed. " Matilda replied.

"Ooh. I see. Still. You look magnificent in this costume. You look like a colossal massive Marilyn Monroe. We are all wearing flat shoes or sneakers, you are on those high heels. You are like a giantess among us. We are small women. " pale Patty said jokingly and sat back on her chair. Matilda sat on this indoor bench across Patty. She crossed her legs right on left.
Then this small pale Patty started complaining about her life to Matilda.

"I am unemployed and broke. I am 54 year old and I have always been poor. I don't want to die poor. I am practically homeless.About a year ago I had to move in my cousin's garage. ". She just kept talking about her hard life for the next7/8 minutes. She was complaining about how shitty most people are to her. Matilda just sat there silently, listening.

Then these three small women, long horse's face, big mouth, thin lips, outstanding and uneven teeth, greasy brownish hair masculine woman in her early 50s, this skinny wrinkled face thin lips green eyes gray haired masculine ugly woman in her late 50s and this asian looking short haired woman in her late 40s. from the deck walked into the living room. Horse faced woman sat next to Matilda.

"You from Wellesley," she asked her.

"No, I am from Boston, Beacon Hill" Matilda replied. She was a bit put off by this small horse's faced woman's closeness to her.

"Ah, Beacon Hill is the richest neighborhood in Boston," she said. Her eyes roamed Matilda's body and seemed to rest on her breasts before dropping further.

"Yes, the Beacon Hill is very nice," Matilda answered politely.

"You are such a massive woman. Tell me your name," she asked as her eyes were back on Matilda's breasts again.

"I am Matilda," she said as she hoped this conversation would end soon.

"I am Jodi. I see you are stuck here and I am glad we can keep you company " she told her as her small hand reached out and lightly touched her on her right leg just below the hem of her dress. This horse's face woman was smiling as her hand rubbed lightly.

"Jodi, please don't touch me. Thank you but I am not a touchy feely person," Matilda told her with as much force and firmness as she could muster. But Jodi just smiled at her and Matilda felt her grip on her leg tighten. While this was happening, she failed to notice that this skinny wrinkled face thin lips green eyes gray haired masculine ugly woman in her late 50s sat on the other side of her. Her hand also came to rest on her leg and she snapped her head to her left to see this ugly woman also smiling at her as she too stroked her leg through the glossy pantyhose. Looking back to Jodi, she saw her looking at her breasts again. As she watched Jodi her hand rose from her leg and moved to cup Matilda's right breast with her small hand.

"No, please, stop," Matilda said. With the other woman rubbing her legs and Jodi now gaining full control of her breasts, there was too much going on and Matilda felt so weak and helpless.

"You are such a massive woman Matilda.We are physically completely harmless. Groping between women isn't a big deal at all. I felt you up on the deck outside, you didn't complain. It is hilarious and bizarre that standing behind you I look like a midget and you let me get by with it. " Jodi told her as Matilda felt her small fingers move over her breasts.

"Please, I want to be left alone. Please stop," she pleaded with Jodi.

The hand on Matilda's leg was moving up and down her outer right thigh under her dress. From the corner of her eyes Matilda saw the small pale Patty watching with jealous look in her eyes. The other 5 women were chatting like nothing was happening.

"Enough," yelled Matilda

She was stunned by the sudden withdrawal of the hands from her body. She sat there breathing heavily for a minute, then she got up and walked out of the living room.

Matilda walked into the kitchen totally disoriented. Ann, Megan and Erin were still sitting at the table and chatting. Creepy small ginger Erin patted her lap and gestured for Matilda to come over and sit down

"Come here and sit on my lap Matilda. " Erin said.

"No i am too big and heavy. You are too small and skinny" Matilda responded

"That's okay. You are so heavy Matilda, but your place is here on my lap. You were previously sitting on this chair. You are on those 6inch heels. You re just going to sit on my lap, aren t you?" She patted her lap and gestured for Matilda to come over and sit down.

"No, I can t. Actually my shoes are 5 inch" Matilda answered

"Why not?" Erin asked.

"Look, I m not sitting on your lap. I am not a touchy feely person so sitting on people's laps isn't something I'd usually do. " Small creepy ginger Erin looked stunned. Matilda didn't want to seat on Erin's s lap, so she just stood there in the middle of the kitchen.

"We heard yelling coming from the living room. It was your voice. What was that about? " B&B owner Ann asked.

"It was nothing. We were just joking loudly" Matilda answered. She was too ashamed to talk with these women about the groping incidents, . She just stood there in the middle of the kitchen for the next like 5 minutes. The conversation between Ann, Megan and Erin continued. Matilda contributed to the chatter. Than this asian looking short haired small skinny woman in her late 40s walked into the kitchen.
She walked past Matilda, her palm brushing against her bum. Matilda glanced at her but didn't say anything. She walked past Matilda again and this time she placed more pressure on her.

This time, Matilda turned to glare at this asian looking ugly small skinny woman.

"What are you doing?" she demanded.

"Nothing," she said innocently.

"Probably this place is too small for me to walk past, so..."

Matilda gave her a stare-down, then turned back to the three women. Asian looking ugly small skinny woman decided to hazard it one more time. She liked touching Matilda's soft massive ass. She started to walk past Matilda again She stopped behind her and, suddenly, placed both of her hands on her ass cheeks.

Matilda gave a small jump and turned to face her.

"Get your hands off me!" she screamed.

But Asian looking ugly small skinny woman squeezed even firmer on her. She couldn't let go of Matilda, her massive ass felt so good through her dress and glossy pantyhose.

"I can't, Matilda," she said softly. Matilda jumped and squealed and slapped her in the face. "What in the fuck has gotten into you. You ugly midget dyke" she screamed. Asian looking ugly small skinny woman removed her hands of Matilda's ass, stepped back and asked loudly

"So you are letting Jodi and Deb to rub you all over, but you slapped me. Why? Because i am not white? " she asked. .

"No. I am just fond of my personal space. I am not racist. Actually i love asian culture and food. I was not letting those weird women to grope me. They were rubbing me, but I stopped them. I yelled at them. You were there in the living room. You saw. " Matilda answered to her.

"I am not asian. I am a full blooded Ojibwe from Leech Lake Indian Reservation, Minnesota. . You arrogant, spoiled, stuck up, upper middle class homophobic snob. You stupid overdressed cow. ". Ugly small skinny Ojibwe angrily responded. She immediately became outraged and upset at Matilda. "Are you fucking kidding me? I am a fucking person. I don't give a fuck what you think about me or what bullshit racist reasons you give me for slapping me ."

Matilda said again "I am not a racist."

Then this angry small Ojibwe just placed her both hands on Matilda's breasts and started rubbing them for a solid 3 minutes exclaiming “Are these real??! They’re so large! They are literally spilling out of your fancy dress”

Matilda backed up and looked at the Ojibwe, but she just kept rubbing. She was patting and rubbing Matilda's large breasts through her dress for like 3 minutes. Her face was exactly the level of Matilda's breasts.

Matilda said to her again “Hey! Don’t do that.”

But this angry small Ojibwe woman responded "C'mon Matilda, I'm: not a guy, we're just girls. Also I am totally asexual. I am fascinated with the size of your breasts "

She kept rubbing and feeling up Matilda's breasts while she was commenting on them which Matilda didn't knew how to take. It was just awkward. Matilda was just standing there stiff as a board while the Ojibwe was feeling up her boobs . She was just standing there kind of awkwardly letting it happen. Ann, Megan and Erin were sitting at the table, silently watching the whole situation with their jaws dropped. Then all of a sudden this really short ugly pale face creepy green eyes thin lips light brown haired with Chin-Length haircut masculine woman in her mid 50s Patty walked into the kitchen. She saw small skinny Native American squeezing Matilda's breasts with her both hands. She laughed. Then she pulled the Ojibwe off and whispered something to her and they both walked out of the kitchen.

"These ugly pervert midgets are groping me. They are just groping me. They groped me outside on the deck,they groped me in the living room. This weirdo groped me here in front of you. I am 44 year old. This is my first time getting groped. I never had my breasts or butt grabbed before by man or woman. Probably because of my size and bitch resting face. What is wrong with these freaks? I am strictly heterosexual. If a man did this to me it would pretty much constitute sexual harassment, but because they are small tiny older ugly women they think i will let them get away with it. I strongly suspect that i am targeted by these women, maybe they are seething with envy of me, and they want to dominate me. This horse faced midget Jodi even said to me that they are physically completely harmless and that groping between women isn't a big deal at all.

I have an overwhelming amount of attention from men. As long as I remember….I've attracted men like crazy. Usually, it's always lust is why they are so drawn to me. But I have never been groped by a strange man. Probably because of my bitch resting face. When I have a blank expression people assume that I'm in a bad mood.
These midget hideous women are so invasive. I have never encountered this sort of people before. " Matilda loudly complained to Ann, Megan and Erin

"Matilda you are not the victim. You arrogant, spoiled, stuck up, upper middle class snob. These women are just fascinated with you. They are just showing appreciation for your height, curves and elegance. Just let them. You stupid cow. So you feel uncomfortable "slumming" with women who aren't as sophisticated,rich, gorgeous and worldly as you? Ego and arrogance at its best. They are touching you. So what. What do you expect? You showed up here out of nowhere, BRALESS, dressed in that ridiculous costume, those shiny glossy pantyhose, on those 5inch heels, with full make up, with your hair up, with your huge boobs your, big ass ? Jodi is right. These women are not physically threatening to you at all, and the chances that they could actually harm you are virtually nil. You are like a giantess among these small women. You are a massive woman. You are the tallest and strongest woman here. I am 5ft7, Megan is 5ft5, Erin is 5ft3. You are obviously 5ft10 or 5ft11. These women my guests are small and skinny. They are all much shorter than you. Midgets, as you call them. I told you. These women are poor. These socially awkward poor women are suffering from anxiety and depression. You arrogant cow" B&B OWNER Ann angrily responded.

Matilda was shocked by Ann's response to her rant. She answered " Well, you can't wear this costume with bra Ann. You just can't. I am not here in your place among these lesbian creepy midgets on purpose. I am stuck here. As soon my car is fixed, i am on my way home. I don’t intend to dress in any particular ‘way’ for anyone. I just wear what I like. I wear clothes that fit me properly. Most of my outfit are pant and skirt suits, satin coats and satin and silk blouses. I am always on high heels and full make up on. If you are curvy, tall and busty, many clothes tend to look sexier on you than on a thin person. So things that fit properly that are relatively conservative can be suddenly too revealing and sexy when you put it on. This happens to me a lot. I wear almost always my blouses fully buttoned to the top combined with a pencil skirt or satin pants. I don’t wear anything vulgar but because of my body type anything i wear looks tight on me. Being tall and curvy draws attention on its own. This can be both positive and negative. Please note I am not trying to sound conceited at all, but my looks and body shape get me quite a lot of attention from men. It's been that way since I started developing as a young teenager, but i have never been groped by a strange man. These dyke midgets are predators."

" You are such a homophobe. You arrogant spoiled cow!!! " Ann yelled at Matilda

"I am not homophobic, but I am strictly hetero. "Matilda replied" As far as having intimacy with a woman? That s just something that I haven t done and will probably not do so. Im a straight woman never got turned on by a women. "

Small creepy ginger Erin rose up from her chair and said to Ann "You are wrong. and Matilda is right in her feelings. She is being molested by these women and if she don't like it, then it's not right and they need to stop. It's not harmless and it makes no difference if they are older small ladies or young large men. It's another person who is molesting Matilda without her consent. They are objectifying her and while that may be good and fun when a person wants it, it is no good when a person does not want it, like she do not. They are taking advantage of her. I just want you to know that so that you don't start to rationalize that this is okay."
To Matilda's surprise this touchy feely small ginger Erin stood up in her defense. She was positively shocked by Erin's response to Ann's accusations. Matilda started breathing heavily. She needed some fresh air. She walked out of the kitchen and went outside. Erin and Ann continued arguing about Matilda's situation with these women gropers.

Confused and flustered Matilda was out on the deck leaning on the railing getting some air. The day’s sunlight was slowly setting. It was quickly growing darker. All nine small skinny ugly women B&B guests were outside on the yard mingling, but Matilda was the only one on the deck. She was ignoring the women. This skinny wrinkled face thin lips green eyes gray haired masculine ugly woman in her late 50s Deb
came up behind Matilda, she didn't hear her because she was lost in her thoughts. This small wrinkled woman Deb came up behind Matilda and put her wrinkled hand on her back and pressed down so she couldn't stand up and said, "Matilda you are so tall and big and soft."

Wrinkled small Deb reached down with her other hand and started to caress Matilda's ass over her dress and said, "I love your pantyhose. " With that, she hoisted Matilda's dress up over her ass and laid it across her back. She then said, "Do not turn around. Let me feel these lovely pantyhose" She then started slowly rubbing Matilda's ass with her both wrinkled hands.

Matilda started to stand up, but small wrinkled Deb quickly pushed her back down. Matilda said loudly "Get off me you ugly dyke midget!"

"Please Matilda , I know I’m invading your personal space but I can’t help it. I just can’t resist touching and stroking the fabric of your pantyhose because It's just so soft and smooth to touch when rubbing. ," small wrinkled Deb said and continued slowly rubbing Matilda's massive soft ass with her both wrinkled hands. Then she ran her right hand up Matilda's inner thigh and rest it right on her pussy lips through her glossy pantyhose, while she was rubbing her ass with her left hand. Matilda finally rose up , but small wrinkled Deb reached around from behind and squeezed her massive breasts! She couldn't believe how big and soft they were as she kneaded them quickly. Matilda jumped and squealed, turned around and slapped small wrinkled Deb. Hard. Matilda pushed Deb away. She started breathing heavily and her eyes began to water quite heavy, then the tears started to flow. She broke down. She was sobbing everywhere. Small wrinkled old woman was just crying standing in front of Matilda. B&B owner Ann and small ginger Erin stormed outside.

"This arrogant snob slapped me across the face. I am just a friendly and tactile person . She is mis-reading the creep factor. This giant arrogant snob ! This stupid overdressed cow. Standing next to her i look like a midget. She is physically stronger than me. It's just that i can’t resist touching and stroking the fabric of her glossy pantyhose. I am just an extroverted, asexual, touchy-feely, huggy person. " Sobbing wrinkled small Deb complained to Ann.

Everyone just looked at Matilda like she was some kind of monster. This really short ugly pale face creepy green eyes thin lips light brown haired with Chin-Length haircut masculine woman in her mid 50s Patty pulled sobbing small wrinkled Deb away. Matilda just stood there on the deck watching everyone judging her. Like she was some kind of mad woman. She started breathing hard, her legs got weak, and her heart started to race really fast.

B&B owner yelled at Matilda "Stop slapping these poor women. You are so tall with your huge boobs your big ass, your ridiculous costume . Those glossy pantyhose. You are glamorous and elegant. Your breasts and ass are so massive. What do you expect? Some of these women for whatever reason feel it is appropriate to grab them and touch them because they're so big. They are just showing appreciation for your curves, height and clothes. They are not physically threatening to you at all, and the chances that they want to actually rape you are virtually nil. You are like a giantess among them, for Christ's sake. I wonder why is it such an offense to you these small skinny tiny women to grab your boobs or buttcheeks. Just let them. You stupid upper middle class stuck up insensitive cow.''

The small wrinkled Deb old touchy feely woman just kept crying, the other women from her group were consoling her. B&B owner Ann walked over to them and started quietly talking to Deb.

Matilda was upset, so she asked the small ginger Erin. "Is Ann right? I've never had a man treat me that way. These lesbian midgets are the strangest and creepiest people i have ever met. She thinks thinks that i am just arrogant snob. What do you think? "

"Don't listen to her." Erin replied and walked up to Matilda" Ann is overprotective of these women, because those women's organisations are paying good money to her. Some of these women are regulars here. Also she is obviously jealous of you.Just look at her. You are everything that she is not. You are a sophisticated, elegant, attractive, curvy, tall woman. Ann is old as fuck and ugly. Listen Matilda from now on i am your human shield against these women. I will be literally attach to you. You have to trust me with that"

"How do you mean."confused Matilda asked .

"Just trust me. These women are relentless. They want you. You need to be covered. You need human shield. You can't fight them. You slapped two of them. They could call the police on you. They could press charges. They are sexual minority. This Native American woman that you slapped is racial minority. You are rich privileged white woman. They are masculine and creepy, but they are just a short, tiny, skinny, poor, older women. They are not tough and strong. You are physically stronger. What if you wind up in jail? You are stressed out. Your knees are shaking. You need this. Just trust me" small ugly ginger Erin said, and pulled Matilda to her. Erin turned Matilda to face the others on the yard, and reached her hands up to cup Matilda's breasts from behind. She was kneading her breasts. Matilda gasped, but otherwise did nothing.

"From now on i am Matilda's human shield girls" loudly said Erin. "I mean, she is physically covered by me. You cant touch her. "

Matilda realized that it was all a scam. By touching her under the pretext of human shielding her this creepy small skinny ginger Erin was asserting dominance over her. The whole support for her was a scam. But there was no fight left in Matilda. Being passive and powerless liberated her from the stress of proper behaviour. She abandoned all that stressful responsibility for her own actions. She literally surrendered to the small ugly ginger Erin

"And I mean," Erin slurred behind her, "i am literally her human shield." The women B&B guests and Ann the owner were all staring at them and murmuring.

Erin said, "I am admiring you Matilda. You are dressed in this classic costume. You are everything we are not. Ann is right. You are a big woman. You are a massive woman. You are much taller and bigger than any woman here. You are so sophisticated and elegant. I am fascinated with you. That is why i am on your side. That is why i am you human shield. In this position they can't touch you. You are physically covered by me. Your boobs are covered by my hands and your ass is covered by my body. So they can't grope you. But you must remain silent. You are not allowed to talk to these women. Just trust me "

Then she started lifting and squeezing Matilda's massive soft breasts. Matilda's head was up and her chest heaved out, as she got goosed and tit – fondled. They were standing on the deck. The women on the yard were, staring, then averting their eyes at the incongruous scene, the massive tall woman standing still, letting the small skinny woman to fondle her breasts. Nobody said a word. The small Ojibwe just stood there watching Matilda's breasts getting squeezed, lifted and jiggled by small ugly ginger Erin with kinda angry look on her face. Erin just kept rubbing, lifting and squeezing Matilda's breasts.

Then Erin moved her hands from Matilda's breasts and placed them on her waist. As Matilda bent over slightly on the railing this small creepy ginger woman Erin as she was standing behind her started rubbing her back with her both hands. " Matilda you are so tense. You just need to relax.. I ll give you a massage. Stay in position. Just trust me" She said to Matilda and she kept rubbing her back with her both hands, she started rubbing her crotch against her massive ass. She was masturbating by rubbing her crotch against Matilda's ass, while she was massaging her back with her hands. So she kept rubbing Matilda's back with her small hands, and she kept rubbing her crotch on Matilda's ass, engaging in a conversation with other women on the yard for like 10 minutes, until she got an orgasm. Then she stopped rubbing Matilda's back. Matilda stood up straight, as Erin still held her hips. She turned her head and this small touchy feely ginger woman Erin who pleasured herself with her ass, had such an innocent look on her face like she didn’t do anything. She just said " Matilda. You are such a great woman. Just trust me. I am attached to you. I am your human shield "

Matilda sitting down.

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"I am really tired. My back is killing me. " Matilda said.

"Matilda you can lie on the couch in the living room. " small ginger Erin said curtly as she grabbed her left hand with her right hand interlocked her fingers with Matilda's and dragged her inside. They walked into the living room. Chubby Megan was sitting in the living room reading a book.

Without warning, Matilda found herself being gently pushed, face down, on this couch. This small weirdo ginger woman Erin sat on the edge of the couch.

She started rubbing her both hands all over Matilda's shoulders, back and ass, gently squeezing and caressing.

"I know that all of this seems new and strange to you, Matilda " she said in a light conversational tone. "It s actually quite simple, I am your human shield. You must trust me. You said that your back is killing you. Your back is so sore. You need this massage. "

Matilda thought about telling this weirdo small ginger woman Erin to fuck off, but the longer she rubbed her shoulders,her back and her ass the more she could feel the fight draining out of her. Without a word Matilda just lied there on that couch, while Erin was rubbing her for 7/8 minutes. Chubby Megan continued reading her book.

Finally this small weirdo ginger woman Erin stopped rubbing Matilda. She leaned close to her ear

"Matilda, why don t you just turn around on your back. you are tired, you need to rest your back. " Then she got up and sat on this chair and started explaining to her cousin Megan about the whole human shield arrangement with Matilda . Matilda turned around, her back was killing her, so she laid down on the couch. She was laying on her back on the couch silently for the next 10 minutes, while the two cousins were talking about her situation with these women gropers.

Then all of sudden this small creepy ginger Erin said "They could walk in at any moment. You must be covered. I know I’m invading your personal space but there is no other way. " Then she laid on Matilda, her head landed on her breasts, she gave Matilda this laying down hug. She started stroking her left side and hip with her right hand, rubbing her right arm with her left hand.


"Matilda you are so massive and soft. This is good for you too. I am lighter than a feather. There are even weighted blankets to help people fall asleep or calm down. I am your weight blanket and having that pressure ironically relieves a lot of other pressure. Very similar to how a hug makes you feel good. " she said. She was light, but still the pressure of her lying on Matilda paralyzed her. Matilda was pinned. At that point she totally submitted to this weirdo small ginger woman Erin. Erin was just laying with the full weight of her body on top of Matilda, resting her head on her breasts, stroking her left side and hip with her right hand, rubbing her right arm with her left hand. Then she started slowly grinding on her, moving her hips, rubbing her face up and down Matilda's breasts.

She said, "Matilda I just can t resist. You are so massive and soft" She proceeded to hump her. She just kept going. Chubby Megan put her book down and watched the humping with her jaw dropped.

Matilda was totally paralyzed. She didn’t physically struggle. She just lied there and waited for it to be over. This weirdo small ginger woman Erin just kept dry humping her for the next 7/8 minutes, than Ann the B&B owner and these women her guests walked into the living room, so she finally stopped, but she kept laying with the full weight of Matilda's body on top of her, resting her head on her breasts.


The women started claiming seats . The three small women, wrinkled Deb, horse face Jodi and the Ojibwe sat on this indoor bench and watched with jealous looks on their faces. Ann sarcastically commented "So you two are cuddle buddies. Matilda you are cuddling on the sofa with Erin with your shoes on. You are such a strange woman"

"Matilda is not arrogant or strange. She is a good woman. We are not cuddling. I am human shielding her. These women are relentless gropers. We made an arrangement" small weirdo ginger Erin replied. Ann just laughed and went into the kitchen. Megan followed her. Then Erin started talking with the other women. So for the next 10 minutes she was laying with the full weight of her body on top of Matilda, resting her head on her breasts, stroking her arms and sides with her hands while she was chatting with these women . Then she said"
"Would you like me to make you a sandwich? They have eggs and ham?"

"I don't want to put you out," Matilda said.

"Nonsense, you are such big woman. You need to eat."
" Erin said and finally got off Matilda. She got up.
Matilda got up off the couch. These three small women, wrinkled Deb, horse face Jodi and the Ojibwe got up and started to move forward,they had open lust on their faces, but Erin put out her hands to stop them and said. "I am Matilda''s human shield. Back off. "

Small horse face Jodi reached up her hands and fondled Matilda's breasts. The Ojibwe reached her right hand down and squeezed Matilda's ass. "What is that human shield nonsense," the Ojibwe said to Erin"You are manipulating her. "

Erin pulled Matilda to her. She turned her towards the kitchen, reached her hands up to cup her breasts from behind and said "Walk fast Matilda. To the kitchen. "They walked. Small ginger Erin was literally attached , with her hands holding Matilda's breasts. They walked into the kitchen . Ann and Megan were sitting at the table. Ann laughed. Erin removed her hand's from Matilda's breasts and started making a sandwich. Matilda sat down on the chair.

"Almost finished," Erin said as she placed meat in between the pieces of bread.

She finished placing the piece of bread on the top of the sandwich and turned around. She put the plate on the wooden table in front of Matilda.

Matilda said "I prefer to eat outside", but the small ginger Erin insisted that she eats at the kitchen table . When Matilda got up to get a bottled water Erin kept pushing her down to sit like if she was a naughty ***** trying to run away.

After she saw that Matilda just wanted to get the bottled water, she calmed down a bit. Then after Matilda finished eating she came up close to her and put her both hands on her stomach and said "Matilda it was good wasn't it?"

"Yes. It was good" Matilda answered and got up. Small ginger Erin sat on the chair,
reached out , grabbed her by her waist and pulled Matilda towards her. Her ass grounded itself into Erin's lap.

Matilda took a moment to realize what happened and the position she is in. She begin to lift herself but Erin' s right arm was firmly secured around her lower torso. She looked back at her to catch a small grin planted on Erin's face. Matilda tried to lift herself off of this weird small ginger Erin's lap, again before being pulled back down on her.

"You are so heavy Matilda , but your place is here on my lap. I am your human shield" she said jokingly. " Sit back and relax. "

So Matilda just kept sitting on this small skinny ginger older woman Erin's lap facing forwards away from her. Matilda sat silently on her lap for 15 minutes or so, while Erin was resting her hands on her hips and chatting with Ann and Megan, feeling slightly awkward about it.

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