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The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman's costume revealed.
The first pics of the new Catwoman's costume were revealed yesterday, very interesting... (this is a stunt double, not Anne Hathaway herself).

catwomanpittsburghsetnew1.jpg thumbnail    catwomanpittsburghsetnew2.jpg thumbnail    catwomanpittsburghsetnew3.jpg thumbnail    catwomanpittsburghsetnew4.jpg thumbnail   

Anne Hathaway, but from a bad angle:
selina_kyle_a.jpg thumbnail    Anne-Hathaway-Catwoman-Glasses-Dark-Knight-Rises.jpg thumbnail   
Image3.jpg thumbnail    Image1.jpg thumbnail    Image2.jpg thumbnail   
Seems like nothing too much different...

Faux leather. Nothing overly fetishy, but any more or less tight garment would look very eye pleasing on such a body ;-)
(22 Aug 2011, 01:34 )Like Ra Wrote: Faux leather. Nothing overly fetishy...

Nice boots though.

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I would call Anne herself "a fetish" ;-) Love her outfits in "The Devil Wears Prada".
Found a bit bigger photo: anna_hathaway-01.jpg thumbnail   
Ah, I thought I'd already posted that. clearly not.
Strange texture to the suit...
More photos off Anne Hathaway in the new suit (plus ears!) and her stunt double riding the pod:

anna_hathaway-11.jpg thumbnail    anna_hathaway-12.jpg thumbnail    anna_hathaway-13.jpg thumbnail    anna_hathaway-14.jpg thumbnail   

(Look at Batman's erection ;-)

New suit looks very tight. I love those spike heeled boots. Thanks for posting.