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The Classy Look: Dress pants, knee highs and flats / heels
This is my favourite look on women, probably because I work in an office environment and see a lot of classy women dress this way. I guess it just fascinates me at how they approach the clothing selection process in the morning. They choose the knee highs and the cute pants and shoes and they must have some understanding that this is pretty and classy. Do they have any clue that I struggle and wait patiently for just the right opportunity to glance down at their ankles and assess the denier and colour of the hose, while also searching the knee for the appearance of a knee high band jutting through their pant leg ?(kind of like seeing the edges of their panties push the butt area Smile

sh1.PNG thumbnail    sh2.PNG thumbnail   

I find these types of pictures hard to come by online, so maybe we can keep a collection here. And if it's not your thing that's cool, but I think it's pretty hot. Here's a video so you can see the pretty lady in action:

AT&T commercial bashing VZW employees - thank you Lily Smile No hosiery but very nice flats.

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This chick keeps wearing jeans that are rolled up and cuffed - I don't find that very elegant at all but her pantyhose feet and shoes are extremely cute. Hopefully I'll find some where she's wearing nice pants Smile

In this video note the MILF on the left. This is not the classy look I defined, but still very classy in a skirt. Notice at the :07 mark how she ever so slightly curls her foot to slightly dangle the cute pointy kitten heels. I love it!

Day to day I wear flats or no higher than 2" simply because as a "chick with a dick" at just over 6' tall I get enough looks lol. Wish shoe makers would make more flats to 2" high that are more fashionable! Only time I wear higher is for either self bondage, video clips for sale, or events that I go to (fet nights, dungeons, etc).
Vacuum commercials are great places to find the classy look. Looks like they're getting away farther away from stockings but these flats still look very nice every time the housewife walks steadily closer Smile

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