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Take a seat!!
As some of you may have read I had a plan for a chair tie session and it happened earlier this week. 

The kit used:
Chair secured to 30mm thick 600x600 wooden board
Eyebolts screwed into board
Leather locking cuffs (wrist, ankle, collar) 
Body harness 
0.6mm full latex catsuit
Ropes/padlocks/socks/ice/steel rings
7” dildo

I started the morning by locking on my steel chastity device and locking the keys in the timer kitchen safe for 6 hours, long after I expected to have finished by. 
A thorough internal clean out and insert my medium plug, I used a latex thong to keep things in place while I finished preparations. 

Getting things set up took a lot longer than expected as I needed to finish the board/ chair. But eventually I was good to go. 

I set up my dildo into the centre on the seat using a steel ring and two luggage straps passed under the seat in a cross... it was not moving. 
I put on my latex catsuit including socks, gloves and hood, fitting and locking cuffs over everything. I used my newly acquired cheap eBay body harness to snug things up a little further. 
I approached the seat, slipped out the medium plug and carefully took a seat impailing myself on the dildo. 
Ankles were pulled back to the eyebolts using karabiners
Nipples were suctioned into a pair of vac tubes
A small bullet vibrator was placed just above the Chasity device to make things interesting 
The wrist were linked linked to the pull ropes using padlocks down to ice release in the socks and TRD as one way systems. 

So I was sat and in and stuck
Until the ice let me go.... or so I thought. 

There was a lot of sensation all over the place and for quite a while I was under the impression that an HFO was on the cards... certainly felt like it for quite a while... but nothing. 

So there I was rocking back and forth trying to make things happen. I really wanted to try to peak but still be stuck and have to suffer... however as usual fate had other plans. 

I was totally unable to lift off the Dildo, most I succeeded was about 2” separation to the seat base meaning I still had over 4” of dildo well inside me. 

What worked...
The whole setup in general was a success it all felt pretty solid and secure
Will definaley be trying it again at some point

What could have gone bettter...
The body harness has the option of 4 arm loops I only used 2 ( well one actually as I forgot to slip by right arm into it before locking the padlock to the pull rope, so I had one arm more snug than the other. 
Next time I would aim to cross the wrist ropes behind me to opposing corners of the board to restrict  things a little further.
I’d also use the other two arm straps to secure the body harness to chair back
But the main thing that could have worked better was the TRD not slipping after 25 minutes with only about 1/2 the ice gone. 

I did have a camera running but the angle is not great as I could only get the GoPro style camera to work in the space available. The camcorder would only fill the frame over a much longer range meaning it was only about 1/2 of me in shot at any point. Still I’ll have a look and take some screenshots off it at the very least. 

And yep still stuck in chastity for another 2-3hrs or so, might as well start cleaning up.
So your latex catsuit has openings for your buttplug and nipples?
And the vibrator did nothing for you? I'll bet that was a letdown.

When I did my chair tie, I didn't wear any chastity device, but I did ware an internal catheter to a drain bag and had two gallons of water to drink before release. That tie lasted for hours. And cramps? Good thing I was gaged.
Yes @Tinker D my suit has diagonal nipple zips with dual zip runners. In the crotch I have a front to back zip with 4 runners so that I can have open rear, front or both with only minimal openings as I can zip them back to the smallest required hole.

The vibrator was a last minute placement after plan A failed.
I had intended to tape it with electrical tape to the top of the Chasity tube but I could not get it to work so I just zipped it into the suit as close as I could, but unfortunately that was just above and behind the back ring. Not ideal!!
I have since thought of other possibilities including cable tying it to the front bars of the cage.... that should be close enough.
Or tape it on before I’m actually wearing it... but that adds complications to dressing etc. Thanks to the lead to the power box.

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