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Sutible (sic) from Japan
Nice leo.

 1.jpg     2.jpg     3.jpg     4.jpg     5.jpg     6.jpg     7.jpg     8.jpg     9.jpg     10.jpg   
(13 Apr 2013, 09:18 )culmor Wrote: Nice leo.

That is a superb leotard - any idea of where they can be obtained?

No idea but presumably somewhere in Japan. Sutiblr has a blog that might give more info:
Another item has been added to my wish list 😁
I had one just like that custom made at NY Dancewear. Well, except I got the zipper in the front so I don't have to take up circus contortion to zip up. That one with a back zip, thong bottom, liquid leather is $45.00...I've ordered like 5 custom leotards from there; they are great to order from.
(25 Apr 2013, 01:40 )spandextc Wrote: I had one just like that custom made at NY Dancewear.
Any photos, links?
Quote:Any photos, links?

And not the best pics of me, but I am having a hell of a time finding pictures that adequately represent the 'liquid leather' doesn't translate it well, and I only have crappy cameras!

 2012-11-29 20.24.11.jpg     2013-03-28 21.42.37.jpg   
Great leggings! BTW, how do we find your leotard on the site?
Bodywear -> Leotards -> Long Sleeve Turtlenecks -> Adults -> and then?


Cut to Order Bodywear -> Adults -> And then?

Or is it somewhere else?
No, it's in 'custom cut to order,' but it's only a drawing (pattern)
Err, yes, its gone...back to topic, I own a leo like that in the first post, from "ML-Sport" in germany. Have to post a picture of that...

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