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Stair Climb Release Test Sessions
I’ve been working on a forced walking release but decided to try and use that release on stair climber after I did some stair climbing in stilettos the other day. I was surprise how hard it was going up several flights of steps in 5in stilettos. This is the first test of the release in real life. Until now the testing was just playing around in the shop. In this test I just used the quick clip release on my wrist cuffs and didn’t lock them as I normally do, and it’s a good thing I did. I had several problems that didn’t allow the release to work. I worked up a good sweat with 50 steps or so and I had to stop and check why it didn’t release. The first problem was the ratchet was setup up to screw the bolt in, that was a quick fix, just flip the switch on the ratchet. So suit up and get back on the stair climber and off I go, did about 100 steps or so and still no release, everything was starting to hurt, back, legs, arms, thighs, calf’s, so I unclip and check things out. Everything was working, tested it by hand moving the steps, ratchet was working then I realized the problem. I had screw the bolt all the way in with the first problem so it was going to be a very long climb before the release would work. Doing the math, every 2 steps turn the bolt 1/8 of a turn so it takes 16 steps for one thread on the bolt to disappear. I could count about 20 threads to so 16 time 20 equal 320 more steps and I had already done about 150. You want some pain, try climbing 450+ steps in stilettos. Well I had run out of time and my legs and thighs hurt already so the next session I go live. The emergency plan with be the stand ice melt that will let another key fall. Pictures below and I’ve upload a video and just waiting on conversion.

The more I think about this session I’m not sure it’s worth it. Once setup and working it only took about 10 minutes to get to some serious pain in the legs and thighs. I’d like my sessions to go longer. One of the problems with the stair climber is that the down stiletto is not flat, the heel is actually lower than the toe and that stretches the calf, I might need to fix that.
The force walk may actually be a better session.

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Very interesting set-up.
I will try to something with the ratchet release idea.

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