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Spotted while travelling last week...
...a charming traditional British pub.

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A pity I hadn't packed this Wink

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Just in case you missed my point...

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Fingers crossed, hoping this doesn't necromance our erstwhile Social Justice Warrior  Wink
I can't read the second word.... It's a bit blurry.

Quote:Trannioke is Karaoke hosted by 2 Transgendered people, Charity & Bev.

We offer humorous interaction with the crowd and backing assistance with the less
confident singers if requested.

We also offer themed nights encouraging customers to dress-up.

Rocky Horror, Dirty dancing, School days and Vicars & Tarts being favourites, although
dress is always optional we have found lots of people like to dress up and  enter into
the spirit of the event.!about-trannioke

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