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So you may know Tom Daley, a Team GB Olympic diver. Since the diving thing took off, ITV commissioned a programme called Splash! where celebrities are coached by Tom to dive. Cue swimsuits! This is Jenni Falconer, who’s a TV presenter in Britain, and the rest of the series looks like it might only get better from here.

I’m not sure how well this works in other countries, but here’s the link:

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Great find!
Any chance you can post up links for the episodes as they happen? I have a tendency to forget about things like this and it definitely seems like a worthwhile watch.

I was originally going to post up saying that I think bikinis should be banned, but then I saw Jade Ewen derobe. My jaw nearly hit the floor! Those gold bikini bottoms on such a luscious lady... *drool*
I'm not much of a breast man, but they didn't half look bad either 😁
However, Jenni during her training... I watched that a few times.
Stunning girl, stunning figure. Perfect for the hydrasuit style.
I wasn't overly keen on the pink number, too much of a throwback to the 80's for me. Still, I wouldn't say no.

I wonder who's coming in next week?


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