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Special Delivery (mummification, rubber, breathplay)
This story is fantasy - do not try at home.

I've deliberately not mentioned the main protagonists' genders. Feel free to make them male / female as you prefer in your "theatre of the mind.


That delightful anticipation of waiting for a special delivery. My excitement built through the day: I rushed to the window in hope each time I heard a noise outside, only to be disappointed by the sight of a passing car. I felt increasing nervousness as I regularly checked the time; the message had said the package would arrive between 9am and 5:30pm, but it was 4pm and it was still not here. The guilt - would my neighbours see the delivery? Would it be obvious what I had ordered, or would it be in plain packaging?

When the doorbell rang, it caught me by surprise. I rushed to the front door.

"Special delivery. Can you please sign here." He handed me an electronic terminal, and I scrawled my signature on the screen.

"Two packages - here's the first." He gave me a parcel: about 12 by 6 by 4 inches in size. It had a weighty heft to it. "I'll get the second package from the truck."

I looked outside, but fortunately no one was there to see the driver walking back to my door carrying a black leather bodybag over his shoulder.

"Where do you want this?" he asked.

"Please lay it on my sofa, if you don't mind," I said.

I looked to see if he judged me as he took the load inside. But no, he seemed bored - just another job. Still, I gave him a large tip as he left, as a salve for my conscience.

My hand was shaking as I closed the door behind him. My home was suddenly quiet - all I could hear was the thumping of my racing heartbeat. I walked slowly into my living room, staring at the bodybag, in disbelief I had really made this purchase after months of indecision.

I sat on the edge of the sofa, next to the bodybag. I ran my hands over the leather, before taking the heavy zip and easing it down from head to toe. I pushed the leather apart to reveal the contents.

Inside was a mummified form, encased in white bandages. I ran my hands over them - they were thick and soft, to protect their precious contents during transportation.

I found the end of a bandage at the head, and started unwinding. Slowly, turn by turn, was revealed a black rubber hood. I stopped unwinding once I reached the neck, to touch the shiny, smooth rubber, outlining the face underneath.

I reached behind the head to find another zip, and pulled this down to the neck, the furthest I could take it with the rest of the body still mummified. Nervously, I gently eased the hood forwards, to reveal my purchase.

My heart leapt as I saw you. You were so much more beautiful in the flesh than your photo in the catalogue. Your golden blonde hair framed a delicate face: a round jaw, high cheekbones, full lips. Your eyes were closed as you lay at peace. I brushed a lock of hair from your forehead, then touched your cheek, feeling your skin cold.

I reached for the other package. Inside the cardboard box was bubble-wrap protecting a smaller package wrapped in thick paper. Inside this was a wooden box: dark ebony inlaid with mother of pearl in strange swirls and shapes. It had a silver clasp and hinges.

I lifted the box onto my lap and opened it. Inside was a black velvet lining, with cut-outs for two objects. The first was a ring, platinum, engraved with sigils, with a small ruby embedded in it. I tried the ring - it fit the third finger of my left hand perfectly. I smiled at the irony.

The other object was a large ruby, finely cut. It was warm to the touch, with a flickering glow inside.

I held it tightly in my right hand, and leaned forwards. I kissed you, and felt a spark pass between our lips, like a static electric shock.

The ruby was suddenly cold and dark. I placed it back in the box. I looked at the ring, and saw a faint glow in its inset ruby.

As I waited, I saw life return to you. Slow, gentle breathing. Colour returning to your cheeks.

I wondered what had led you to be lying here in my living room...


I was surrounded by my family in the foyer of the Facility. Tears were in our eyes as I said farewell to my parents, my brother and sister, my aunts, uncles and cousins.

A Facility employee approached me, holding a clipboard. "Can you please sign here," she said. I blinked away the tears and signed my name, not reading the contract. "Please follow me when you are ready."

I hugged each family member one last time, none of us able to find the words to match the moment. Then I followed her through the double-doors into the Facility proper. I did not look backwards.

She led my down a white corridor and stopped outside a door. "Please take a shower. I'll be waiting outside," she said.

In the shower, I reflected on my motivation. I was comforted by the knowledge that my family would now never be short of money. My parents could retire early, my siblings could buy an apartment each, my extended family would never need to worry about finding money for medical care.

While I did not know what the future held, I knew I would experience a life of luxury in the West beyond what was possible in my home country.

But the real reason I was here was known only by me. I long desired a lifestyle that could never by accommodated where I lived: our traditional culture prevented me exploring the sexual wonders I had seen on-line growing up. I felt excitement that my fantasies might really come to life.

I stepped out of the shower to find my clothes gone, no longer required. In their place was a white bathrobe. I dried myself, then slipped the robe on and then left the bathroom.

I followed the Facility employee down more corridors, before stopping outside another door. On it was a sign: "Preparation Room 1".

"You'll be readied inside," she said. "Good luck."

I entered the room to see two further Facility employees, dressed as nurses. "Please drink this," one said, handing me a small plastic cup holding a bright red liquid. It was thick and syrupy, although it tasted bitter rather than sweet. The other looked at the clock in the room, and made a note of the time on a chart.

"Can you please undress, and we'll get you prepared for travel," one said. I dropped the robe onto the floor, feeling self-conscious in my nakedness.

"Please put on this suit." I was handed a black rubber suit. I perched on the edge of the bed, and slipped first one leg, then the other, into the suit. The rubber slid easily over my skin, cool to the touch. I stood up and pulled the suit over my hips. I admired how the material clung to me, accentuating the curves and lines of my body.

The nurses held the front of the suit, helping me slide my arms in. I wriggled my fingers into the gloves. One of the nurses stepped behind me to ease the zip up my back, and I felt the rubber tighten across my chest.

I wanted to rub my hands over the shiny black material covering my body. But glancing down I saw the lowered hood resting on my chest - the hood with no airholes - and I felt a sickening lurch in my stomach.

"Please hold your arms out with your fingers spread." The nurses picked up small white bandages, and started wrapping each finger in turn. "Please put your fingers together." They took larger bandages and wrapped my hands and arms. I watched dispassionately, as if it was an object being packaged, rather than my body.

"Please stand with your legs apart." They took more bandages, starting at my ankles, working their way up my legs, then up my torso.

"Please stand with your legs together and your arms by your side." I was cocooned in white, my body losing its form, as I was mummified. Now just my feet and head were free of the bandages.

"Please lean backwards." They lowered me onto the bed, then rotated my body length-ways along it. A pillow was placed under my head. One of the nurses held my ankles in the air, and the other wrapped my feet, one at a time, then both together.

One of the nurses checked the time. "Please wait a moment." Well - I certainly wasn't going anywhere! I lay still for several minutes, savouring the embrace of the rubber supplemented by the warm restraint of the bandages.

Another glance at the time, then another note on the chart. "Please raise your head." The pillow was removed.

"Ready?" I was asked. I nodded, my mouth dry. There was no turning back now.

One nurse pulled the black rubber hood over my head. I knew I should breath out, but instinct took over and I took a deep breath just before the rubber encased my head. The zip was closed, tightening the rubber across my face. I was enclosed in darkness.

I tried to stay calm. Three minutes. One hundred and eighty seconds. I could do this. I held my breath and started counting the seconds away.

One pair of hands held my head off the bed, while another wrapped, starting at my neck and working upwards.

As I reached a count of thirty, the first bandage crossed my nose. I could hold my breath no more, and I took a breath out, then in. All I got back was the same stale air. My lungs pulled hard, but this just tightened the rubber across my face, sealing my mouth and nose.

I took short staccato breaths, finding some relief from the act of breathing, even if the air lacked the oxygen my body craved. I had lost my count of time - how much longer would I have to endure this?

I realized the wrapping had finished. I pushed my head back into the bed, then raised it into the air. I struggled against the bandages, but my arms and legs were held tightly in place. I strained every muscle, but could do no more than flex my body slightly. My heartbeat was pounding in my ears.

Light returned to my sight, as flashes and spots appeared in my vision. I felt my body relaxing, not through conscious effort, but through my inability to fight further.

Finally I dropped into darkness, losing all sensation. I was disembodied, moving through darkness, as if down a black tunnel. It was the true me, my mind freed from my still body. At the end of the tunnel I saw a red point, which became a growing red circle as I approached it. I emerged into a red space, and I felt stillness.

There was no movement, no thought, no time. Just me in a world of red.

Then, although the word meant nothing in an existence without time, I felt a tug. I fell back into the black tunnel, accelerating as the red circle shrank to a point, then disappeared. I fell back into my body.


You slowly open your eyes, as if emerging from a deep sleep. "Hello," I say, nervously scanning your face to see your reaction to me.

You focus on my face, and the most natural, warm smile, breaks out. "Hi," you say. I relax, overcome by desire, but also desire to care, to protect, to love you. You raise your head and look down your mummified body. "Errr, what happens next?"

Good question, I thought, what does happen next?
Nice and scary. That moment when you are trying to take a breath, but can't, is so frightening...