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Serious selfBDSM
i am a 31 year old trans i guess,5'2", long blonde hair, blue eyes, very very female in appearance even in Male clothing and no makeup at all, i havent had any surgery other than Dental to remove two back teeth in my upper and lower so a ponybit and special gags and other devices
will fit correctly, i have been on hormones for about 15 years though they are low doses as i am naturally femme in appearance. i have nice natural boobs, 34c, from the hormones and my own body doing its part to keep me feminine. i am naturally submissive and have had extensive slave training. i'm pierced and ringed in my earlobes, septum, my tongue has five studs in it, nipples, navel ring, frenum and deep set guiche in that ridge of skin behind my scrotal sac and i've been branded on my right ass cheek with the word SLAVE. i live as a female 24/7. i'm bisexual, well
trained to please and pleasure Males and Females in most any way. i have been trained rather intensely along with several other gurls, and my BDSM desires and likes etc are pretty intense as well. Heavy, strict, stringent, creative bondage, severe gags, torment, tortures, i luv to be forcibly intubated, catheterised, stomach tubed. Because of the intubation both in my Airway and Stomach my gag reflex is nonexistent and i can take huge Cocks down my throat as long as my mouth will open wide enough. my bottom hole is still very tight due to the Trainers using dildos and plugs with very narrow necks so my hole snapped shut over them and using electrostim to make the muscles tighten and release. i can grip a Cock or most anything else even with lube* just like it was in my hand. Needless to say thats a very popular hole. Currently i am not locked into a chastity device like the others but will be by Xmas this year. i can still erect when ordered to as well as sperm though the sperm is weak and dead.

Please feel free to contact me via Email or IM for further info or questions.

i tend to be elaborate in my SelfBDSM. I build or have built for me, devices that are electronically controlled, computerised, serious, severe and punishing. This is one of those devices.

If you have seen the Robert Bishop drawing of the Female fastened in place via an electro dildo and nipple clamps etc, i have had a device built thats very similar. Though it is much more elaborate in functions. To start, theres a 10" tall base that houses the electronics, toe clamp mechanisms, rotary and vertical fuck motors and gearing, mini winches, lube pump and resivor and power supplies. The "Mast" that has the dildo for my ass and attached upright for the nipple clamps, toe clamps, heel switches, and a secondary mast with wrist and above and below elbow cuffs attached to the mini winches in the base, are also mounted on the base.

The "Mast" has a manual mechanism not unlike that used on a ratchet type car jack and pedal so i can pump the dildo up my ass when starting a session. The dildo is 2" in diameter for 7" and has a 1" bump on it so it rides or smashes across my prostate, then it narrows to 7/16" for the
neck so my holes snaps around it tightly. There are lube ports on the shaft and the shaft is electrically continuous so i am zapped or stimmed as i am mounted here. It also rotates and moves up and down in my ass so the bump hits my prostate forcing sperm out and anal "orgasms". Like the Bishop drawing theres a loop thats connected to the "Mast" and when the spreaderbar on my ankle restraints touches it i am zapped.

The toe clamps are simple U-shaped steel that my "Big" toes slip into and then when the start is begun they pull down mechanically and lock in place holding my toes apart and until they are released.

The heel switches are custom made and mounted firmly to the Base. i have to stay up on my toes or i am zapped. Theres about 1/4" space between the top bar of the switch and the bottom of my heel when i am up on my toes. This becomes very tiring.

The upright for the nipple clamps is electrically connected via a different circuit so if i slouch or slump i am zapped when the weight touches the plate and pushes it down.

The secondary "Mast" is mounted about one foot from the Main "Mast" and has the wrist and elbow cuffs plus a pair of arms that come out at neck level so my posture collar can attach to it so i cant move to avoid anything in punishment and from there is another upright that just clears the top of my head and has a arm that goes over my head and stops just short of my face. This arm has a mini winch with a cable and clip that attaches to my septum ring to pull my head back even further. Very painful. Theres been talk of somehow making it so it can pull my arms up in a severe Strappado! I hope so.

So i just make sure everything is ready and filled and working and then step up on the Base and position myself, i give the start button a little press and i have no less than 10 minutes to get in position,lock both ankles, lift my right leg enough to step on and pump the pedal to jack the
dildo up my ass until its in, attach the clamps to my nipples, slip both toes under the clamps and get up on my toes, attach the clip to my septum ring, attach the arms to my posture collar, bend forward as much as i can to get my arms into the cuffs behind me, and wait.

When the device starts up its quite frightening. The mini winches start without warning and my wrists and elbows are drawn back further until they touch and stop, the septum winch pulls my head back and the dildo pumps up and down inside me. i am zapped methodically as the Base goes thru a Test Mode and then the "fun" starts.

My Trainers are developing a series of automated whipping, caning and enema devices to add to the Base. These have to be different from the usual due to the nature of the Base. And a deep throat fucking device too, this i am really looking forward to as i luv to deep throat. Plus a
clitty insert that will zap me too.

FYI: my clitty is secured under me via the frenum and guiche and my balls are pushed up inside so the sac hangs down and when my clitty is locked to the guiche it looks kind of like labia.

When the dildo fucks me it runs along the end of the head of my clitty and thats a wonderful sensation for a while and then it gets uncomfortable, then good again and back and forth the entire session.

My Trainers havent decided on publishing photos yet, but i'll let you know when or if they do.


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It would be very interesting to see the photos!!!
I've just read again. Yeah, it's quite difficult to visualize the whole picture without photos.

BTW, what was the time release?
i'm working on getting photos. My Trainers are very protective of me and the rest of us as we are considered very valuable.

The release is electronic/Computerised and varies, i never know how long, etc.


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