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Selfbondage videos
Hi to all,

You may like this jewel from the YouTube website:

Suggest get their early before the Nanny Patrol delete!! :evil:

The title doesn't sound to great - but hang in there, amid all the arty shots (and a very weird eating sequence) are some fairly erotic scenes of a girl binding herself and lowering herself into a huge fish-tank.

her self-bondage looks great - though doesn't take too long for her to free herself (which is good, in that she doesn't drown Big Grin ...but bad because she should have tied them a little better! :? )

Hope you enjoy

dangit, its banned Sad
No the video is still there. You have to confirm you age, though. Probably you need to be registered.
I found this gem on Youtube

Really very good self-bondage hog-tie - with clever 'double wrist coil'. Though it doesn't have an escape I'm sure you can all figure one out!Wink

If Youtube do their usual thing it will be gone all too soon - so take a look before the thought police remove it.Angry


Yeah, agree. This is interesting. Though, I don;t think it's that easy to get into the second loop if the first one is "applied correctly". (Now I need to grab the movie from the cache and save it somewhere ;-) )
Hi all

I found this little gem for your entertainment:

I liked the inclusion of the release at the end, though not the use of 'fluffy' pink cuffs - but that's personal preferenceBig Grin


Mmm... Can't insert videos here. Need to find a mybb plugin for that...
Just joined you tube i must upload some of the triccks ive learnt on here
Love anything to do with saran or shrink wrap
Yeah, right. The account has been suspended... Again, too late to grab the video...
HI one and all

another find

Maybe not the most strict SB, but elegant and encased - LOVE ITHeart

...and there are more postings from the same person

Enjoy it whilst you can