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Self tightening, elbow and hogties?
Hey Everyone,

After using wrist cuffs the other day and coating in duct tape to i cant untie them, then trying to apply a little padlock behind my back.. this failed and wasnt very happy Sad

I have doing some searching on this site and have seen a lot of geat info and sessions but finding it hard to replicate.
I want to do a self bondage session tonight using self tightening knots and also elbow ties and hogties.. as well as my anal hook.
Does anyone have some knots etc that is simple to understand or links on where i can find some easy knots.

Thanks in advance 

Self tighting knots?
Pretty much most knots are self tighting. Even a simple overhand knot, pulled tight, is almost impossible to untie.
A slip knot on almost any modern rope can come undone.

Try 100% Cotton or rope that has the little hairs on it.
Then spray it with water. The rope will swell up making knots super tight.

Good luck
(29 Jun 2018, 15:12 )Tinker D Wrote: Try 100% Cotton
Good soft cotton ropes are super-rare nowadays.
Yea, most have some kind of plastic core in the center.

But they are out there.
The rope i have has the plastic centre, not that great but good width.
I used to metal rings and did this knot last night where when pulled one end of the rope, the other came tighter and couldnt but undone... but under a decent amount of pressure it did release.

I seen a post on here awhile ago but cant find it again where they did a hogtie of some sort then when they laid down or fell forward it made everything tight.
Something like that would be great Wink

For 100% cotton rope, search for magician's rope.  It comes in a variety of colors.  I have used it for bondage and magic. Smile 
Just note that the cotton rope "relaxes" over time, i.e. is stretches a little. So a box tie will loosen a little.
As for the ties your looking for, there are three basic ties talked about in Bondage Life magazine. It tells all about the basic hogtie, the super hogtie and an arm & leg tie, it looks like some kind of Ball tie.

Ra has the information on selfbondage on this site.

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