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Search idea for Milking machine speed automation.
I don't know were to put my question, so I put it here.

some time ago i bulid my self a Venus 2000 style milking machine and i love tu use it during selfbondage.
I can speed up the milking by by turning the Speed poti of the milkingmachine motor. So i start the machine and close the Selfbondage.
The Milking goes on and on with no mercy but it stays in the same speed the whole time. So my question is: Can i put any automation to it that it changes the milkingspeed in random patterns? And maybe the possibilety to change the time how long it stays i one speed before it changes to an other.
I have no idea how to programm an arduino or a raberry pi, so does anyone have an idea how to make it?
What kind of motor does it have... voltage and amperage?

Also, have you considered posting your question to some of the fetlife groups?  Here's a few to start with:
Arduino Love
Engineering, machines...
Do it Yourself
It is a 24V dc 5A dunkermotor, that is controlled by a PWM motor controller, that is adjusted by a poti.
This should help.  I'm not a super awesome programmer but I can try to help you as much as I can with this. In the video, he references programming a bi-directional PWM motor. I don't think that's necessary for your purpose.


Got a simpler way.
If you have just a pot, glue a leaver on it and attach it to geared down motor.
Or, you can connect an auto from your cassette player to a color organ. Remove the light driver and connect it to the pot.

You could connect the lever to an enema bag and spring.
As the bag drains into your rear, your 2000 would suck harder.

Or, you could program an 8051 controler and built an interface.

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