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Satya Studios
Sam Kelly at Satya Studios looks (and sounds) rather lovely.

'Mark' wrote

I'd like to start (yoga) classes again and was wondering if there was one in Bristol UK that would be OK with a guy in a leotard/tights or if there are any yoag retreats where this attire wouldn't raise an eyebrow.

Hi Mark,
you would be more than welcome on any of my retreats plus if you and your friends fancied we also organise private retreats for groups of 6 or more. If you are ever passing through Alnwick you are equally welcome to pop into any of my classes leotard and all Smile
all the best

'Tim' wrote:
Do you run Yoga classes in Alwick as I live in Newcastle and would like to join a class were it would be acceptable for a man to wear a leotard.

Hi Tim,
I have sent you an email regarding classes etc, if it doesnt get to you for some reason send me an email or post again,
all the best