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Sailing rigging

Quote:Fun (and dangerous) sailing rigging for self bondage. When you place a ring or lock, etc on the tongues of the device it snap shut and requires dexterity to open. Best used for easy to escape scenarios or near impossible with mitts. An added safely feature is they can be opened under load.

Edit: Looks like they aren’t specific to sailing at all.  Wheeeee!

 ezgif-7-68a7c13b1b8c.gif     tumblr_935b9008b88ed41880ebef9fe4994412_7bba0715_400.jpg     tumblr_c6bb95b889c00509dd72fdbaed0a5004_201f908c_400.jpg     tumblr_5c0ca11e5721747b25b572c2452c6d1b_41e00c88_400.jpg   

(first pic is animated)
Found the product:

Video demonstration: 


Only way to release it is to squeeze from both sides. Might be hard in certain situations. 😊
Wasn't sailing once described as 'Standing in a cold shower tearing up bank notes'?  😉

But seriously, I'm not sure how the 'Kong Frog' would be any more effective  in self-bondage than the bog-standard side-release buckle clips for webbing that are less than a tenth of the price.
Very interesting device. Might have to try a couple.

I generally use 'Panic snaps' which I this are intended for attaching a horse to a leading rein. The idea being they are secure under load, but you can release them one handed by pulling back on the securing ring and they spring open even under full load. (In fact they sell them in BDSM shops generally).

There's another nautical clasp called a swivel eye snap shackle. On these the hinged shackle secures with a sprung bolt, but there is an eylet/ring attached to the bolt, and by pulling on a cord attached to the ring, the shackle will release. In my opinion, a bit too fiddly for self bondage.
(24 Sep 2020, 22:31 )Will90MeeG Wrote: There's another nautical clasp called a swivel eye snap shackle. 

Yes... I used to use this device when powerkiting / buggy riding

the kites would generate so much power that arms alone would tire quite quickly so you would use a snap shackle to link the control bars to a harness.... but if it all went wrong you could dump the kite easily by triggering the snap shackle.


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