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SB leo
I'm not sure if anyone noticed my post on the SBL idea page but I'm a friend of cam-operator i have been writing some stories using the SB leotard (actually the catsuit untill the most recent episode) but there interesting and camera-operator seems to like them. go to my DA page here: and I'm my gallery there is a folder in my gallery for stories. thank you and please leave a comment somewhere Big Grin

but right now i need ideas for the next story on DA
really nothing?
Just got to your DA story page. Have to read first.

About the ideas ... That's the most difficult thing. Only a very few people have really interesting ideas, only a part of them can explain what they have in their mind and only a fraction of them is willing to share.

Searching for new original ideas takes helluva time...
yea i know, checkout my inventions if you get time there in the story items folder