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Ride to unlock
I had a sudden idea for a selfbondage session. I do not know if the required program exist in anyway, or even if this is doable. It sounded cool in my head.

Bassically, it is like this:

First you prepare a frozen key and you put it in a cooler. Set this cooler at 0.1 or 1 degrees celcius(just above the temperature at which water freezes). Get some kind of dildo and put it on the ground. Now comes the fun part. Get some kind of computer program or something that can turn on and off the cooler by riding on the dildo. Now you'll need to attach a vibrator to any sensitive body part. So, after you set everything up you can bind yourself in any position you like, but can still move around a bit. Now you'll have to ride(or suck) the dildo to make the cooler stop cooling, and make the key release quicker.

Now you can choose, wait several hours with a vibrator on till the key has finally been released, or ride the dildo to make the cooler stop cooling.

Also some variations I have thought of:

For the people who want to make it a bit easier: instead of a cooler there will be a heater that heats the frozen key when riding the dildo.

For the people that want to make it harder: Instead of a cooler, it's a freezer, so when you don't ride the dildo it starts freezing again.

For the people who enjoy a little bit of pain: Block of every noise and put the key in a closed cooler. Now attach strings to the knob and your nipples. You'll have to guess when the key has dropped. Guess wrong, and all that leaves you are sore nipples.
So, basically the idea is to force dildo riding, deep-throating, sucking to get free. There is a bunch of programs posted by qwertybcn121 in this forum: Probably they can be adapted.

Another solution is Arduino:

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