Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Rebecca Larcolme.
Don't ask me, I have no idea Huh Knows how to wear a rubber leotard and fishnets anyway...(ie over shiny sheers...):

1619874725_6925f2f4da.jpg    1619897739_3c25f116af.jpg    latex.jpg    1620761194_9bbd25faaa.jpg    2180637941_cd8dcfcd69_z.jpg    2180640559_0ca5c9c7d7.jpg    2180640697_7186b4b4b2.jpg    2180640983_076d2aca5a.jpg    2181427840_0996c8ae59.jpg    image12-1.jpg    wearmoi5.jpg    wearmoisit6.jpg    image27-1a.jpg    image30-1a.jpg   
(24 Dec 2010, 14:55 )culmor Wrote: Don't ask me, I have no idea Huh
Yeah, was going to ask ;-)

(24 Dec 2010, 14:55 )culmor Wrote: Knows how to wear a rubber leotard and fishnets anyway...(ie over shiny sheers...):

... and the fishnets are worn properly - over shiny tights ...

Oh, I love even the sound of these words: rubber leotard, shiny tights... Rolleyes
Quote:Yeah, was going to ask ;-)

The pics are tagged 'tgirl' 'transgendered' and 'cross-dressing', other than that I have no info. Definitely not a Gandalf* though...

*'Thou shalt not pass!'
A typical pretty Dutch girl, I should say.

'Thou shalt not pass!' - one of my favourite TLOFTR expressions ;-)

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