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Plus size men's pantyhose
Been looking all across eBay lately for something that has a built in sheath, and nearly every result I've found has been too small for someone my size.

Putting aside mental images, is there anything out there for the 120-150cm hip size crowd?

I've no idea where to search outside of eBay and Aliexpress. Both seem to have extremely similar results. My search-fu is not strong enough. Tongue
My waist is 38 inches. I find many on eBay.
Just keep looking.
Pantyhoes for men.
Try this:
eBay pantyhose for men
I've brought items from UK Store: xyfww-uk-shop on eBay and in my experience they've been good- not the cheapest, but always delivered and quality is OK.

Many more out there and lots on AliExpress for those who like to use it

So, a bit of serendipity. I meant to tap the eBay app icon, and I accidentally tapped on the Etsy app icon.

Figured I would give it a shot, and I got a hit.

Most reasonably priced Etsy shop I've ever come upon. Have yet to order, but I'll gladly follow up once I do. Tongue

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