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Playing in my home made vacbed

Nice !

Love it and many, many thanks for posting your session Big Grin

I can see how the frame is made, but what material did you use for the 'bag' - latex, PVC, something else?

How did you make the 'neck' work? Could you share photos of that with us?

How did you escape? Timer?

Once again - brilliant looking session well done!


The bag is PVC because that was cheap, I bought 2 sheets of this:

Search eBay UK: King size PVC vinyl sheet fetish
pvc-sheet-01.jpg thumbnail   

and glued it together.

The neck part is not to good right now, it is just a slit big enough for me to fit and I made a small (50cm) tunnel of regular clear plastic. Once I'm in I wrap a long band of latex around my neck to seal it airtight. These latex bands you can find in a sports store, they are used in fitness as resistance.

I was going to make an entire side open with lot of extra material, then when I'm in pull it in with me and roll it up. I tried that but the PVC is to stiff for that so now I have a "this will do until I fix it" solution. Yesterday I was looking online for some latex sheeting but that will go quickly above 100€ so maybe later. The width I could find was only 1 meter so that would require lots of glue and I don't like gluing latex.

The escape is a digital timer, it's quickly programmed so I can have short 5 minutes "on" followed by a minute "off" so I can change positions in between. It also has a random setting where you specify the begin and and of the window and somewhere in between those two it will come on for at least 1 hour and maximum 2 hours. That way you can lay there, keeping yourself entertained, wondering if you programmed it ok and then suddenly whoooooom, trapped for anything between 1 and 2 hours.
Wow love the home made vac bed i want to try and build one the video help a lot i think i will also use pvc thanks for the help

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