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'Permanent' pantyhose encasement experiment gone wrong
One can think of many stupid fantasies when one gets horny. I had my fair share.

I had this fantasy of being permanently encased in pantyhose/zentai, with no way out. Locking the zip is one way but one can easily tear the fabric to get out.

I thought of gluing every inch of fabric to my skin so I couldn't rip my way out without ripping my skin altogether. Very kinky fantasy I must say, but fantasy != reality. My brain got confused between the boundaries and did something stupid; to try out my fantasy.

Before going ahead to glue my entire body, I figured I should try with a small test fabric and see how it goes. I took a pantyhose leg and cut out the length approximately the width of my palm as a test fabric.

I pulled the fabric over and onto my thigh. I then used 'Elmer's Spray Adhesive' and sprayed all over my thigh. I read the instructions for the spray before that:

'For temporary bonds: Spray a light coat and allow to dry for 3-5 minutes before joining. To remove, work a corner loose and peel back.
For permanent bonds: Join surfaces within 15 seconds while adhesive is still tacky. Allow to set at least 1 hour.'

As I was thinking from my dick, I went for the 'permanent bond' option. After finished spraying, I quickly pulled the pantyhose fabric over before it lose its adhesion. The adhesive is quite tacky and strong, a bit like rubber cement but dries much faster.

I continued to enjoy the sheer pantyhose over my leg, glued directly on my skin, it's the true 'second skin' feeling. I couldn't feel my skin anymore, the pantyhose took over.

No idea how strong the adhesive can get after it sets, I began to panic. After just 15 minutes of applying it, I tried to peel it off. It was almost impossible to pinch the fabric out of my skin to peel it. The more I tried, the more it hurt. Hurting the pantyhose was like hurting my own skin. I have achieved what I wanted but it's not cool anymore.

Luckily I have a loose corner which wasn't glued as much. I slowly peeled it off from there. As the adhesive was set for only 15 minutes, it wasn't too strong to become impossible to peel. The strength was something like 2-3x that of waxing. It was painful but still manageable.

I couldn't imagine what it'll be like if I let it set for a full hour. Although the idea of encasing oneself permanently sounds very enticing, I have no idea what the adhesive would do to the skin for a long period.

Now even when the pantyhose is off, the layer of adhesive is still stuck to my skin. It is very hard to come off as it stuck to most of my thigh hair. It is like waxing but without anything to tug it out. The layer is so thin and fine I almost couldn't bear to peel it off.

I do some peeling and rubbing from time to time but I figured I'll take days to get rid of it completely. Occasionally rubbing my adhesive-bound skin feels like some ultra-thin pantyhose over it.
I did something like that , but I glued only the band of pantyhose to my waist with rubber glue, so the sticky layer was quite thick and did not feel nice.
You can take a look at the ingredients. If none of them are toxic, it *may* be safe to apply the glue on your skin. The glue will peel off by itself after a few days because the skin is constantly being renewed with new cells from beneath. Be warned that some types of glue can shrink while they harden. It may stop blood flow.

I wonder... What would happen if liquid latex is used over pantyhose?
(15 Dec 2012, 16:07 )Max515 Wrote: What would happen if liquid latex is used over pantyhose?
This is how DIY latex clothes is made. I've seen a tutorial somewhere.
Perhaps you will find a suitable adhesive that contains no toxic ingredients. But before trying again, you should carefully think through the whole project while not in a "cocky" condition. Have you ever smelled the stench of a plastered arm after days or weeks (and this isn't even airtight)? How will the glue affect your sweating? What will you do when the skin slowly ages and peels off? What if a strong reaction against the glue only starts a few days later? Hair growing through the fabric. Hair growing back into the skin (I think, that mostly happens when the skin is injured though). Honestly I think, the consequences could be quite disgusting or even bad for your health.
(16 Dec 2012, 00:20 )Strappado Wrote: How will the glue affect your sweating?
Yep, that reminds me the old story when a boy was painted with gold for a celebration and then died because the skin pores were blocked.
(16 Dec 2012, 00:26 )Like Ra Wrote:
(16 Dec 2012, 00:20 )Strappado Wrote: How will the glue affect your sweating?
Yep, that reminds me the old story when a boy was painted with gold for a celebration and then died because the skin pores were blocked.

There was the actor of the robot in Wizard of Oz, who was covered with silver paint and nearly died - or perhaps even died in hospital, I am not sure. His successor had no trouble at all. In Goldfinger (James Bond), a girl is killed by being gold-plated. The actress was entirely covered in gold-paint, except for a small patch of skin - for safety reasons. Today, we know better, skin does not breathe, it doesn't play any role in oxygen supply. The actor in Wizard of Oz probably had a strong allergic reaction, even leaving a patch of skin free from paint wouldn't have saved him. Mythbusters have made an entertaining episode about this myth, can be found on youtube.
I have played with Super Glue before. The kind that doctors use. I glued the head of my penis toward the anus, like that of a chastity idea from a website called I think. That site is gone. It worked for about an hour, and then I started to have problems. Not with the glue, But A friend called, and we started to chat about bondage. That was when the problem started. I thought for sure that I was going to rip the head off.
Another problem that didn't happen (Thank God) was I had to pee. I got very worried that IF some of that glue ever got to the opening, I would not be able to pee. And that would be bad... Very Bad indeed.

So, No glue for me.

But to keep pantyhose up, Dual stick tape around the waist may keep pantyhose from falling down.
AnyrThe adhesive did wear off after a couple of days. I found out that rubbing with lotion/baby oil gets rid of the adhesive faster. Now that I've understood how to get it off, I continued on.

Today I was wearing 2 layers of 5 toed pantyhose and thigh high socks under my jeans before leaving home. I like to wear my pantyhose waistband as high as possible but it slides back down after awhile, so I've used the spray-on adhesive to glue the waistband high up above my abdomen, just below my chest. My thigh high socks' band lost its elasticity so I glued it to my pantyhose too.

I've spent several hours outside with no issue of my pantyhose/socks sliding down at all.

Now that I've returned home, I peeled off my socks and going to take a shower with my pantyhose still on. I'm not taking it off for today. I'm going to wear it to bed and probably take it off tomorrow when I wake up.

But I always have a problem sleeping with pantyhose. When wearing pantyhose under the blanket, it gets hot and sweaty fast, even during a cold night. I would be woken up by the heat and got excited by the pantyhose and couldn't get back to sleep. The most I could sleep is 5 hours.
(19 Dec 2012, 18:43 )curse154 Wrote: But to keep pantyhose up, Dual stick tape around the waist may keep pantyhose from falling down.
I have successfully used suspenders/braces. This is the only way to properly pull pantyhose all the way up 😁

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