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Penis pisser
Hi i h
I have several suggestions here:


It's a bit difficult to bend this condom.


Can be easily bent, but the condom is quite small (might be a plus) and you need a tube extension (not a big problem).


Haven't got this one, but it looks very promising.
You can also try a chastity device! Personally I wear a CB-3000 that looks very similar to the 2nd device of the previous post. If you wear it, it is guaranteed that you will sit down each time :twisted:
(21 Sep 2009, 19:53 )Dworkin Wrote:
(10 Sep 2006, 23:50 )shehadehd Wrote: Hi, I have a question.
I want to make something that i could put over my penis that will only allow me to piss sitting down.
for example the penis catheral with an extended tube but tied next to my ass so i would have to sit to pee.
the only problem is i can't buy a penis catheral i can only buy serperate stuff to make it. does anyone have any ides for me.

Greetings there Shehadehd.

The number three version of external caths work quite well.

These can be worn for an extensive amount of time and would allow you to urinate from any position. They are inexpensive, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types and when applied properly are leak proof. They are widely available on line without any restrictions (like as in the need for a script). The one shown in the link is a one piece whereas others have separate tapes involved. Personally, I prefer the type in the link. these work much better then drainage or flushing pants as there is no backflow problem. Of course there are those that like that sort of situation so it becomes an individual preference. Alternatively, an attachment may be added to direct the flow where you want it to go. I do have a story that goes with my introduction to this device that when I figure out where it should go I'll try and post it. On a side note: this works whether the penis is at rest or in an excited state.

Hope this helps.


I thoroughly recommend the external catheters mentioned here. Being self adhesive they really do stay on and allow you to do what you want with your urine. I've been experimenting with attaching one via tubing to an inflatable enema plug, so that I can give myself a piss enema. So far no luck as the tubing was too small and just backed up, causing the condom to inflate and eventually come off. But once I've got some bigger tube.....

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