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Part 6: YOU WHAT?
part 6: YOU WHAT?
by ~ben63376

jess felt like throwing something through the window but there was nothing for her

to grab, Sarah was a trying to find a way to cover themselves, however there was

nothing for her to use.

meanwhile back at jen's house

jen lying on the couch still tightly bound trying to stretch and find some

comfort she let out an mmphh in to her gag as she flopped back down and gave up

again and just lie there and feel the vibrator under the chastity belt, Erica had

drifted to sleep bound in Jens closet despite the vibrator, she had not found any

pleasure in it for the time being.

back to jess and sarah

sarah: well guess I should go out and around to get our clothes,

jess nods yes

sarah: i look more normal than you, imp not gagged.... i really don't want to do this,
after some more debate with herself sarah brought herself to walk around the

building, once she got to the door around the corner of the building she decided

that that was actually not to bad, when she went through the door, she saw a desk

with three monitors on it but they were not on, there were also several file

cabinets but she went strait for the door to let jess in the room

they got themselves dressed, however jess stopped sarah and pointed at her gag that

was plainly visible
they looked together to find something ells for her to put on to hide it but they

only had t-shirts and pants, not to mention it was the middle of summer, and 80+

degrees outside, sarah told jess they would have to hope no one would see them, to

witch jess gave her a skeptical look,

they started on there way to jens house to see who was waiting for them

when they got to jens house they went to the front door, but it was locked, they

found jens key poorly hidden in the plant by the door,
when they walked in they saw jen hogtied on the couch, jess ran over to her and

untied her, and removed jens gag

jen: who's that?

sarah: oh umm i work for a cleaning company, i clean her house, my names sarah, and

you are?

jen: my name is jen, how did you get involved in all this?

sarah: well basically i asked for it, i....

jen: YOU WHAT?!

sarah: i like this, being tied up and all,

jen did not know what to say to her so she said: where's erica?

sarah: i don't know,

jess just started looking around, the other 2 girls followed her lead, looking

upstairs and down stairs,

meanwhile, in the closet, erica woke as the front door opened, she could not hear

what was going on, but she heard footsteps coming towards her then stop, she heard

voices but not what they said, it sounded like jen and someone she did not know,

I'M IN HERE!!! she shouted but only a small mmmmmhp escaped the gag, and less

through the closet door, she could not reach to kick or knock on anything, she was

helpless but to wait for them to find her, but as she listened she thought the

vibrator must have gone up a notch, it really started to feel good then it stopped

and started, and continued to do so, erica thought to herself: ooooohh! why now!?

after looking around for erica for about an hour, they all sat on the couch...

they all thought together the closet! they got up and moved the couch and opened

the closet to find a teased and struggling erica with tears down her face, she had

been there for almost 15 hours.

jen and jess quickly released her and un gagged her,

erica: what took you soolong i heard you get here almost an hour ago?! and why is

one of the people who clean for jess here?

sarah: oh sorry im sarah,

erica: and why are you here?

sarah: i was bound in the warehouse with jess.

erica: oh, how did you get involved in all this, did he blackmail you too?

sarah: well i actually got myself in to this.... willingly

erica: YOU WHAT?!?!
this is as far as i have writen so far. i am caught up in an art trade at the moment so it may be a bit before i make part 7

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