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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
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Part 5: the reality
part 5: the reality
by ~ben63376


Erica woke up screaming, to find herself bound in jen's closet with her hands above her head with cuffs and a chain that went up to the bar above her, and her legs were crossed in front of her foot to ankle, just like in her dream, she had a ball gag in her mouth that had a plastic panel that covered her mouth. still not completely aware that it was only a dream she struggles back and forth deciding she is not encased in a big marble anymore she calms down a bit, and she notices the vibrator in the belt going on and off at random, but still not sure whets happening as she is in a dark closet.

jen wakes up hogtied on her couch, and her vibrator also on random buzzing on and off,
she kept hearing noise coming from the closet and assumed it was jess, something must have fallen in front of the door or something last night but she had no recalection of what happened, she was bound with rope not cuffs. she was bound very tightly she could not even get herself off the couch. she was gagged with a panel ball gag as well. she could see the floor in front of the couch there was a note on the coffee table, she thought it seamed that it was further away than usual but she could not have cared less at the moment.

all there was for them to do was wait, erica could see the time set on the lock holding her wrist cuffs together it read:

TIME 35:18.

Ben was in his truck driving down 2nd street towards the warehouse, he looked in the back seat at his sleeping cargo
he arrived at the warehouse and carried jess down the stairs to the small room,
jess was wrapped in plastic wrap from neck to tow she was gagged with a panel gag like the other 2 girls

he lay her in the middle of the room but there was furniture in the room now, there were 2 beds a couch and a small folding card table,there was also a dresser with drawers, he left her there and went up the stairs to his office on the warehouse floor, he sat at the desk and looked over the security cameras and saw only jess in the basement room and jen hogtied on her couch, but he knew erica was in the closet behind the couch witch he had moved back against the wall blocking the closet door.

jen it seemed had given up aeady, and jess had not woken up from the chloroform yet. ben stretched back in his chair and watched them for a bit, then he looked at the clock and it was almost 11am, so he got up and in to his truck and drove out of the wear house. he arrived at Sarah's house shortly after 11 and went in thru the back door, he found Sarah struggling on the floor not far from where he left her, she stared at him for a moment then continued trying to move around the room, it appeared as though she had tried to reach the phone and a few other things were out of place but she had not succeeded in accomplishing anything more than making a mess.

Ben walked over to the camera and turned it off and packed it back in the bag on the side table next to it, he then picked up sarah and put her over his shoulder and checked out side before he ran her out to the back seat of his truck, then he put the camera bag in the front and stood next to the truck and made a phone call

he said: hay mark I have another one for's the address. he gave him the address then hung up the phone got in

the truck and drove away towards the warehouse,
when he got there he took sarah down to the room where jess was, she was starting to wake but still not aware of what was happening yet.
sarah could see the display on jess's gag and could not believe how long it had on it, when jess fully woke up her and sarah started to work there way out of there bindings, sarah could reach jess if she was on her side, so she felt around her to find an end to the plastic wrap, BEN had purposely put the end at her breasts, knowing it would take a while for her to want to feel around there, once she got hold of it she held it an jess rolled away to un-wrap herself,

it took almost an hour to get her unwrapped they thought he must have used a huge roll of plastic wrap as it was all one piece and 200 feet long, once out jess unlocked sarah, removed Sarah's gag and her gag opened for the first time that day,
her and sarah talked about what had happened and jess could net bereave sarah asked for this,

jess: YOU WHAT!!! why did you do that?

sarah: i wanted to, i liked the way it feels to be bound like that, besides you seem like you would be enjoying yourself, after all the stuff i found cleaning your house, don't think we don't know what you are in to

jess: i... that's... i only did that once. (jess would never admit that she truly was enjoying her predicament)

sarah: i don't bereave that for a second, let's move on shall we?, like why does that gag have a timer and why does it have

almost a weeks time on it?!

jess: he told me to, but at lest i get to take it off to eat,

sarah: well i guess all we have to do is wait.

and that they did, erica had to put her gag back on latter, 2 hours latter the door opened, and there was a note on the steps that instructed them both to go to jen's house, and that there was someone waiting for them,
they both hurried off jess only in her chastity belt and bodysuit, and sarah only in her chastity belt and leotard, when they got to the street they stopped dead in there tracks and stared at the cars going by and then immediately ran back through the garage door, jess stared at sarah, and sarah said: oops... what now?, jess shrugged, they had no clothes and no cover,
they looked over towards Ben's office and saw that ben was not there, they walked up and looked in the window there clothes were on the desk, but the door had no handle on there side of the door, they could see another door that lead outside, it was propped open slightly and there was a note on the door that read in large letters: come and get it

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