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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
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Part 4: the encasement
Part 4: the incasement
by ~ben63376

after arriving at Erica's house the girls went inside and had lunch while jess gag was unlocked and she told them the events of the night before, her time now up she reluctantly locked the gag back on and it was going to stay locked for 6 hours until dinner.

nothing much happened in the following hours, at 5 pm Erica's house phone rang,
the caller id read: WIRELESS CALLER. she answered and the voice said: hello i would have called jess but she seems preoccupied, there's a note on your door for her it will be needed soon[click{dial tone}] she went to her door and got the note and brought it inside in order for jess to continue her chastity timer she must be bound as the following:

in the coat closet attach 2 cuffs to the bar in the closet on opposite sides, put on a spreader and put wrist cuffs on each wrist and link them to the ones on the bar set the timer at your own discretion but know that the timer on the chastity belt will only count down while you are bound. wear nothing else on top of the body suit
start at 7 pm

jess after reading it let out a groan and sat on Ericas couch she sat there until her gag unlocked at 6, they ate dinner and she wanted to get it over with and put the gag back on and cleared out ericas closet, put on the spreader and set and put on the cuffs, she set them for 6 hours, then she closed the door embarrassed and took off the shirt she was wearing (that was all she was wearing besides the body suit) and linked her cuffs to the ones on the bar and suddenly the vibrator in the belt kicked on and brought her to the edge and like all other times it dropped her back without release,MHHHHPPPPP! showing her disappointment with a shout in to the gag, she was forced to stand as the bar in the closet was high up

Jen and Erica sat on the couch and watched a movie with background of frustrated muffled moans and shouts from the closet, eventually they were both sound asleep on the couch and at 12am a uneasy jess stumbled out of the closet and fell on the floor behind the couch, but her friends stayed sound asleep.

she got up to her feet and just then there was a knock at the door
odd she thought as it should have been 12am, not thinking she went to the door and opened it showing her whole body and Immediately letting out a small *mph* and had a look of shock on her case as she scurried behind the door to hide herself then looked up and saw BEN standing on the porch

BEN: oops indeed jess....

Erica snaps awake laying on a cold white suffice. she looked around the completely white room, she saw her two friends and tried to stand but then realizing she was hogtied and gagged, then a door opened on one of the walls and Ben walked in and said nothing, he walked over to jess and picked her up and put her over his shoulder and carried her out of the room, after about an hour of struggling she decided so could not escape and gave up, just then the door opened and Ben walked in with a flat cart carrying a cylinder on it thru the door,

when in the door he stopped and pulled a cover of the cylinder and her and Jen stared in shock and horror they saw jess inside a solid clear cylinder with her head out the top, her arms at her sides, she was naked but had small latex pads on her breasts that covered her nipples and latex panties but there was a lump at her vaginal area and a hole in the rear and, a tunnel leading to it and one in the front for waste disposal.

next again without a word he took Jen the same way he took jess but Jen was more resistant now then jess seeing what was in store for her but her attempts were futile.

Erica could do nothing but sit and cry and look at what was most likely going to happen to her

again an hour latter the door opened and BEN came in and pulled another flat cart but this one was shortener pulled the cover off of it to show Jen in a cylinder hogtied inside it and her head also was out the side, it was on a stand the turned the cylinder continualyand was wearing the same as jess and also had the tubes for waste disposal.

he then walked over to her and grabbed her she was crying as she looked at her friends and was carried thru the door, carried down a hall way the want of for a ways with doors on both sides he walked thru the open door on the right ans set her down on the floor UN bound her legs but then immediately rebound he legs in front of her,

he legs were tied in front at the ankles so that her legs were crossed foot to ankle, then she was placed in a sphere and her arms were bound above her but not quite to the top of it, there was a flat clear bottom she figured it would put her in the center of it.

then there were tubes that were attached to her and she had pads placed on her nipples and they started to vibrate she could not help but struggle somewhat her gag was removed but replaced with a tube in her mouth then for the first time Ben spoke to her and said: keep that there it's better. she did as she was told and then had a tube stuffed up her nose but not very big.

then a dildo was inserted vibrating on a random setting and a tube was attached to the end of it with a cord as well, and attached to a small solar panel on the floor of the sphere then had a pair of goggles put on her they were strange shaped, when they were fully on she could not tell they were there and completely clear even the arms of them,

the was told to look forward and keep still,

the door on the sphere was closed and a cold gel like substance started to fill it and she started to panic as it covered her face but stayed looking forward as she was told,
the goggles keeping the stuff out of her eyes and allowing her to see thru the perfectly clear gel with now few bubbles in it,

after a few minuets it was getting hard to move her arms around (the little she could before) she lost track of time and then there was a noise, and the door where she had last seen be opened then to her surprise he knocked in what to her was thin air and he then pulled out the sphere and Erica started to panic and struggle and squirm and move back and forth but all that was seen from the outside was a perfectly still girl bound inside a sphere.

she soon saw her friends in front of her, Jen was upside down and jess had a look of horror on her face seeing her friend encased in a clear harder that stone sphere like what she was encased in.

all 3 girls were being tormented by the vibrator's both on there nipples and inside them, although Erica was getting the worst unable to move in the least, she had come once aeady and felt constantly like she was about to again but the vibrator was not letting her.

over the next 5 hours the girls were removed one by one ending up in the hands of there families, jess's parents put her in the basement and took care of her altho she wanted to be able to see something besides the basement wall they did not want her to be seen. her vibrator ran out of battery in a week for lack of sunlight

Jen was taken to her parents but they were not home so they set her up in the living room and don't know what had happened after that

Erica's parents however were not home and so BEN placed her in the garden on a concrete pad that held the sphere in place in the back of her parents house. when they found her they were shocked to say the least but there was a note on the back of the sphere it told them to keep her fed and cover her when it gets rainy and to give her plenty of sunlight

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