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Paris... Anyone getting this ?
Head count. Is every one ok?

Anyone watching what is going on in Paris?
Yea, I was watching what happened. I'm off to France for the rest of the day. Will see.
I woke up to it. Islamic fundamentalism is a huge threat to Western freedom (and to mainstream Islam);  it's only going to get worse and I have no idea how we deal with it.
I'm ok, 'cause at the moment there's not business for me in France. But this was expected, and it will wander from France to different countries in Europe.
I stopped reading/watching/listening news since August. You can't do anything, there is no truth, the provided "information" is usually highly biased, following "the snuff" takes your energy, winds up your emotions, you feel helpless, vulnerable, angry... It devastates you, it gives nothing back, but makes you controllable if needed. And this is the point exactly. Joseph Goebbels is of vital importance again.

Read Pelevin's S.N.U.F.F. - (From the "AI sexual robot" perspective as well)
But I do feel for people... Slaughtered and sacrificed for political games...
Please, Everyone, take care.
Before anyone accuses me of 'Islamophobia' (sic) I fear all religions, they are all 'cults of un-reason'.  If any one one person alone claimed to believe in the tenets of any major religion they'd be quite be properly  regarded as a lunatic, a few  million do so and all of a sudden  they can run the show. 'Invisible friends' are for children.
Religions do not kill people, people do.
I agree with Ra.
People kill people.
I could go on, but what would be the point in that?

Just checking to see if all of our friends are OK.

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