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Pantyhose fetish
[attachment=8164]Hi all I am a new member here, I am a man from Sweden who like to wear pantyhose, leggings and I think pantyhose is a fantastic to wear and i like the felling the get on my legsRolleyes I use pantyhose in 10-80 den,in most of colors but most under my pants when I get out in public and when is cold weather here in Sweden.

I like tho wear pantyhose or leggings when I am inside my apartment and like the feelingWink this summer I bought one pair 10den pantyhose in color sun and invisible and they are great to wear, you cant see that you have them on your legs when you get outsideI_am_so_happy I were them on me in the picture
Great photo! Welcome aboard!
(11 Aug 2013, 00:53 )Like Ra Wrote: Great photo! Welcome aboard!
Thank youSmile
(12 Aug 2013, 16:48 )Tights Wrote: welcome
Thank you Smile