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Pantyhose encasement seller on EBAY
Hi all

Stumbled across this seller on EBAY the other day

(I think this should work :? )

I have not purchased anything from them (....yet Wink ), so can not tell you if they are good or bad, but you may wish to try for yourselves.

Hi there to all you pantyhose lovers i have bought many items from this ebay seller and i have had a few items custome made to my specifacation and i have been very happy with the results pantyhose-clothes
I don't think it's very difficult to replicate the design. DIY-wise. What do you think?
MMMMM I would love pantyhose encasement. I cant wait to try it. I'm new to the feel of stockings on my fresh shaven legs with my 5" stilettos. I so love the feel of dressing in stockings and heels. My wife has helped me to get where am right now and we enjoy my crossdressing and feminisation....
I was wondering after finding this forum if there are any recommendations for what type of pantyhose to use for encasement. I tried the JMS (Just My Size) 7x and I could easily climb in but it was too easy to tear my way out. Does anyone know of any brands/type of pantyhose in that size that are better then others? Thanks.
Better in what sense? Tightness? Elasticity? "Non-breakability"?

Also you can try to use several layers. Much more difficult to get it in and get out.

Tip: you need to prepare the pantyhose in advance - put 2,3,4 pairs on, than carefully take the whole "layered construction" off without "breaking" it.
Unbreakability. I used two pairs and though yes I was stuck in them, after using them a couple of times, they started to rip and getting free became too easy.

I'm hoping that there are tougher hose in that size somewhere.

Are opaque hose tougher then sheer? Should I be looking for a higher den?
(04 Feb 2011, 00:44 )stucklord Wrote: Are opaque hose tougher then sheer? Should I be looking for a higher den?

Of course! With at least 12% spandex/lycra for tightness. Aim for 70den. One of my hotel self-bondage session ... Oh ... yes ... no time to post it ... But I used one layer of size VI 70den tights (one cocoon for the whole body). No ladders!
okay. where did you find those 70 den tights? do you remember the link?
Bought them directly in Karstadt in Munich ;-) Their local brand (Desiré).

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