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Pantyhose bodysuits
Wonderful purchases from the internet

As indicated in other postings on the forum and blog I’d ordered two next items to fulfil my depraved fetish for all things tight fitting nylon. 😁

My purchases were made via eBay and the supplier is: xyfchinasexyhosierylingeriestores

1st purchase was a new nylon catsuit, similar to one I aeady own, but with a ‘closed crotch’ – I was drawn to this simply because of my preference for 100% (or as close as) encasement. The catsuit I aeady own has an open crotch; good if you want to change plug mid-session, bad because you have to add an extra pair of pantyhose over the top to encase your crotch. Like my older suit this new one has a built in penis sheath which is utterly wonderful for that feeling of that most sensitive of appendages having its own skin of snug stretchy nylon. The first suit is bearing up incredibly well, despite my clumsiness and the rigours of many self bondage sessions, so I’m sure this new one will be just as durable.

2nd purchase was a bit of a gamble, but it seems to have paid off and some! The catsuit I have has 100% covering, with a zipped back, integrated hood, penis sheath, closed crotch and fingers! In many ways It is very similar to a zentai suit, but is made of the same fabric as pantyhose not lycra. I was drawn to the idea of being completely encased in a single nylon skin, imagining the feel of the fabric as it caressed my skin. I’d hesitated for months about purchasing it because it was advertised as ‘sheer’, which I thought would be too flimsy for my planned use (read: abuse?) of it, but I eventually could not longer resist it’s siren call and I ordered it.

When it arrived, with the other catsuit, I was very nervous about even opening the packet, but once out….. Oh my! I just had to try it on! Trouble was I needed some time alone to test it out, so for 2 whole weeks I could only look (and photograph) the un-worn suits. Then came the night when I could finally take their virginity, as I was left, all secret and alone in my house.

 suits in packets.JPG    - ohhhh fresh food for my fetish!

I tried the basic catsuit on first – no surprises but such a nice feeling compared to the open crotch style. Next it was the turn of the ‘all body’ suit.

 suit 2.JPG    basic suit with 'closed crotch'

The all bodysuit material that looked so flimsy proved to be much more than I’d imagined. It appears to be of a ‘control’ type weave, though still wonderfully sheer and seemingly of a good quality. I worried at first as it was very difficult to pull up over my legs, due to the elasticity of the nylon being very strong. But soon I realised that it was not too small, simply a wonderfully snug fit. The zip runs from the crown of the head down to around halfway up my back, this proved to be a tricky opening as I struggled to push my arms down the very tight (but soooo very sexy) sleeves and into the gloved endings.

 suit 1.JPG    full suit, fresh from the packet

 suit 1 hands.JPG    close-up of the hands

Once my arms where in place I faced the next problem; have you every tried to pull a small, shiny, zipper up your back with nylon clad fingers? It’s bloody difficult I can tell you! At one point I almost gave up, thinking the suit was indeed too small and probably designed to need a second person to close the zipper, but I stuck with it and figured out a way to pull the back together with my left hand and inch the zip upwards with my right.

 suit 1 hood and zip.JPG    the hood and zip

Eventually the zip passed over the sticking point and I was encased… it was incredible and I spent many minutes just rubbing my hands all over my body, marvelling in the smoothness of the fabric, the way it seemed to grip my body and how every touch felt like the early days of my fetish all over again.

After what seemed like hours I let my vanity win over and walked through the house to see what I looked like in a bathroom mirror – let me just say that I liked what I saw! The hood fitted well and the gloved hands and fingers where much better than any zentai I’ve worn. The whole suit was incredibly snug, like the ‘body shaper’ style tights you can buy. Possibly the stitching was not as good as a top of the range pantyhose/catsuit but right now that isn’t an issue at all.

I wished I could have spent all night encased as I was, but that wasn’t possible, so after nearly as big a struggle to remove the catsuit as I had to put it on I was done.

Whilst my experience may not be representative of this supplier I would still recommend them to anyone who wants to risk a relatively small sum of money on what could be an incredible purchase. The hood fitted well and the gloved hands and fingers where much better than any zentai I’ve worn. The whole suit was incredibly snug, like the ‘body shaper’ style tights you can buy. The penis sheath is nothing special, but it does what it’s designed to do and that’s fine by me. Possibly the stitching was not as good as a top of the range pantyhose/catsuit but right now that isn’t an issue at all. Time will tell if the fabric is tough enough for hard SB play and I’m tempted to wear a second layer over the top to protect it from some of the harsher elements of my sessions. It’s probably not an option for enema play and also would be a very big challenge for really long sessions (unless you are happy to urinate through the sheath?) but short sessions and possibly an ‘overnight’ adventure are really tempting scenarios.

I will post some 'in use' photos as soon as I can 😁

Sounds wonderful!

There's always a 'sticking place' in my experiences with zippered rubber catsuits and dresses too, however I've never had a satisfactory fit without it. What I do is use a bootlace with a knot in the end to pull the zip up past the problem point (pull zip together with one hand, tug bootlace with the other) then slip my silcone falsies in from the front and work them down into place, letting the air out as they go. Then another tug on the bootlace and all is secured 😊

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