Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

chastity 2021
CHASTE BIRD 2021 New HT-V4 Binding Loop Ring for Chastity Device Cock Cage Penis Ring Bondage Belt Fetish Adult Sex Toys

electro stimulation device
16pcs Gel Pad for 308 309A EMS stimulator Micro Current Muscle Exercise Electrode Hip Ass Lifting Patch Electro Therapy Device

Cross-border cartoon magic full house keychain cute Mirabelle Isabella key chain men and women's bags pendant

KLV Womens Waist Trainer Hollow Tension Ventilation Slimming Corset Body Shaper Soft

AOYLISEY Women Sleeveless Unitard Full Body Dancewear Scoop Neck Ballet Dance Skinny Jumpsuit Gymnastics Workout Yoga Stage Tank

bimbo sissy
Bimbo Sissy Design Cotton Slim Fit Crop Top Swinger Humorous Flirting Sexy Tank Tops Hotwife Funny Naughty Sports Camisole

bondage lock
Leather Silicone Penis Mouth Ball Gag with Lock Fetish SM Bondage Restraints Oral Dildo Plug Harness for Couple Sex Game Sex Toy

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Magnetic lock for self-bondage
Magnetic lock for self-bondage

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PVC (vinyl), plastic, polyethylene photos and videos
Found any interesting plastic, PVC or related photos or videos? Post them here!
Just found this photo and realised that we do not have a separate thread for PVC.

I liked that last image, but when I found it on Tumblr I thought it was artwork and not a photo?

Here are some others I discovered:

 il_570xN_771353152_hz1e.jpg     il_570xN_787658384_2u1b.jpg     mainpic22.jpg   

I confess to not being a huge fan of PVC, but some images do inspire me

 _pull5.jpg     0_0_productGfx_19f62cf3cd4b9df56bde63301f6825d2.jpg     1 (3).jpg     02.jpg     3c3534fe41070fce6daabd1a9370458f.jpg     3Wpnqg5jK9k.jpg     4.jpg     5-9077bk.jpg     6a01053694df79970b01156fc6e838970b.jpg     007_20130218_yuliagorbachenko_Virginia-Slaghekke-Trump_0001FINAL.jpg     7.jpg     7_1241x1679.jpg     9-72dpi.jpg     9f76966f05f5dc1275ad96ab550a1ddf.jpg     10.png     14.jpg     14-04-03-victoria-ss9343_1.jpg     28f4475906b2fa7c_160157-800w.jpg     30.jpg   
More PVC with a bondage theme

 tumblr_mq2lq46fG21snakipo1_1280.jpg     tumblr_n34pocAoOB1rjqog4o1_500.jpg   

A new fashion designer named IndyAnna has created some wonderful outfits...


 8pPAEumfL69BQsS35w7Op7sKIs7h3sor-1_4.jpg     k9DOWequoK2vqMPGwPoGcV0U2Uu4VRI2-1_4.jpg     screen-shot-2015-07-27-at-14-13-12.png     43a44a52-f5ac-4169-bf09-7a0167e1e9c0_ThreeAcross.jpg     9d77366b-6bd5-4fe7-b933-51fb7c8c184b_large.jpg     IndyAnna-berlin-alternative-fashion-week-bafw-2014-0029.jpg   
This is to DIE for...

I tried to buy this, but the supplier never delivered, got my money back thanks to paypal though. I still would like to have it...

 51At9ijzsFL._SL1024_.jpg     51OJsY9lZcL._SL1024_.jpg     51pbdJNnpiL._SL1024_.jpg     51PJ+v3-Y5L._SL1024_.jpg     51u19z2rH+L._SL1024_.jpg     51YJ+ypGUFL._SL1024_.jpg     512mTGyEMKL._SL1024_.jpg     513rCMrREDL._SL1024_.jpg     517xj81ENjL._SL1024_.jpg   
(10 Nov 2015, 04:23 )Strappado Wrote: I tried to buy this, but the supplier never delivered, got my money back thanks to paypal though. I still would like to have it...

How dare you call that beautiful girl an "it" ? 😊😊
(10 Nov 2015, 04:23 )Strappado Wrote: I still would like to have it...
Fun, this eBay ad was right on the right of your post: latex school uniform 😉

(10 Nov 2015, 06:41 )jonnysimple Wrote: call that beautiful girl an "it" ?
My first thought was not exactly this, but close 😁

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