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PVC Sleeping Bag
Last week I ordered a pvc sleeping bag from PVC-U-Like because it was in sales, at 45 GBP. Bright red colour, zipper from toes to neck (front) and a closed hood with breathing pipe. It arrived sooner than I expected, after just a few days. Of course I had to try it as soon as possible, which was the same evening.

It is a simple bag, about 60 cm wide, 185 cm long (a bit more perhaps), with a front zipper that goes all the way from the neck to the bottom end. The hood has an elastic band at the neck, which is snug, but not uncomfortable, the head is completely separated from the rest of the body. In order to get it, I had to slip the head into the hood first, then - blindfolded - get my feet and the rest of the body into the bag, find the zipper and close it. It is a double zipper, which can be closed either from the top or from the bottom. It has no handles inside, so I had to push it up with my fingernail for the last few centimeters.

When I was completely enclosed, I noticed, that the hood was fairly big and although - being used to that - I was breathing through my nose, it didn't make breathing hard. But of course, I was mostly rebreathing my own breath. So I switched to mouth breathing and instantly noticed, that a larger tube would be more comfortable. The existing one is okay, but I somtimes breathe much harder when playing such games. I would also like a smaller hood and a different type of pvc. Secondly, the breathing tube is pretty long and unless I take it in completely (which is not kinky, it is just a tube), the pvc won't touch my face. But I want to fit a ball around it and then cut it to size. Perhaps not a ball, but the mouth piece of a snorkel - that's not yet decided.

Despite of these small problems, it was arousing and I came quickly. Then I discovered another problem: The pvc is completely opaque and it was difficult to open the zipper from inside. I wasn't sure if it was stuck or simply hard to push. For a short moment, I was ready to panick, but then decided not to and slowly worked the zipper down. But the good side of this: When I found, that I could open the zipper, I started to feel quite comfortable in my coocoon, except, that I didn't have time for more.

After all, I am glad, that I bought this bag. It is not perfect, but I suppose, there is no perfect bag like this. And it is not a complete failure, but probably not going to be my favorite fetish toy. I often dreamt of having a bag like this and now I can start dreaming of other things again 😁

If I eventually happen to have enough money, I might buy another one, with some modifications, such as smoother and slightly see-through material, smaller hood, perhaps a bit more shaped according to my body and with a connection for an air pump.

The bag looks like the one on the following image, except, that it doesn't have the elastic in the middle, it does have a zipper and the lower end is closed; apparently a return item from a customer who wanted some modifications. And, of course, mine is shiny red opaque.

Quick follow up on this: I tried a rubber ball, but this is iffy, I kept closing the hole with my tounge, must be a reflex to push it out. Perhaps a larger one would be better, but I get sick easily and that's not a good option while sealed in a bag. But I shortened the tube and it is better now. But if I wanted to sleep inside this bag, I would need to seal off my nose, to make sure, that I always breathe fresh air and not from inside the bag.

The zipper is trouble, I have to operate it from "outside" for the first few centimeters, by pinching it through the material. It is almost certainly not meant to be operated from inside the bag, since PVC-U-Like offers another bag with two different zippers, one that can be operated from both sides. So they are not to blame. But I came up with another idea: I turned the bag inside out, so the zipper handles are inside. Now I have the sticky side inside, which is fine and the zipper works well. From outside, it probably looks odd, but I can't see it, nor can anybody else, and if someone else was around, there was no need to turn it inside out.

Finally, I simply had to try something else: I prepared a nice place on the floor, put a vacuum cleaner next to me and made sure that I could reach the switch from within the bag. Then I took a part of the hose inside the bag and closed the zipper around it, held the end of the hose in one hand and started the vacuum cleaner. It sucked out the air almost instantly, even from the hood part and that was quite a feeling. Unfortunately, this vacuum cleaner is very loud, especially next to my head, and once it is off, the vacuum leaves as quick as it built up.

Ok, there will be a two-part project: Find a good way of connecting a vacuum cleaner to this bag through a one-way valve. It won't be dangerous, because this bag isn't air tight at all. But a considerable amount of air left, when I removed the cleaner hose from the bag. Make a switch inside a well insulated rubber hose, that I can keep inside the bag, in order to operate the vacuum cleaner. Well, and a third part: Find something less noisy than the vacuum cleaner. Finally, it might be a clever idea to get some pvc panties or at least condomes, in order to stop sperm from spreading all over the bag inside.
It will not be suitable for the vacuum play, but why not to make couple of nose holes in the hood to breath freely while sleeping? Unless you want a total air-tight enclosure, of course.
It is good enough for vacuum play, if I can find a silent suction pump and a suitable valve device. I am not aiming for an unescapable vaccum bed with this bag. This is about squirming and sweating in a full body cover of skin tight pvc only. And I do like the hood pressed firmly against my face, which is possible by breathing in through the nose, of course, without breathing holes only.

By the way, the shorter breathing tube is much better. Apparently, it is harder to breathe through a longer tube, because the amount of air to be compressed to fit through is smaller with a shorter tube.
Strappado, I've been looking for some cheap sources for the airtight valves and information on gluing PVC to PVC... And a remote activation system for the vacuum. Ill try get them sorted by tuesday for you.
Thanks, Uncle, I am looking forward to that. For the remote activation, I will simply use a switch sealed in heat shrinkable tubing, but information about glueing pvc and making airtight valves will be very helpful. But I also need a reliable electrical low-noise air pump. I found one in GB, but it is made for 100V and cannot be switched to 240V. Most pumps for 240V I have found so far, are either crap, very loud, or both.
Great post Strappado!

Could the solution to your 100V vacuum cleaner issues be a 240/110 step-down transformer? There are many available, though you'll need to ensure it is powerful enough to run the machine (the cheapest are only for a very low wattage).

I did have a quick look around on eBay and there are some alternative vacuum pumps that you could try (not sure how quiet they are).

Will be really interested in any reliable and practical solution to utilise a one-way valve and timed release (Uncle: I hope you can help here) - that might solve your 'noisy vacuum' issue if it only needs to run for 1 or 2 minutes max? If that is still an issue then you must have very thin walls/floors/ceiling or very nosy neighbours!

Love to hear more about your experiences

One-way valves are not suitable for this bag, because it is quite leaky - long zipper. But generally, that is a good idea.

I have an inflatable latex sleeping bag which has a very simple valve: There is a short hose "welded" onto the surface and from the inside just a patch of rubber with a circular seam that has a small opening. The trick would be to find a way to open such a valve (after a given time or instantly, depending on taste).

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