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Outdoor session in High heels, video and lots of problems,
Been working on this session for months, scouting a location, staging equipment each month when I traveled on business and working on releases.
The big day came and off I went . The problems actually started the day before. Major winter storm hit the location the day before and closed off the roads. I was hopeful things would clear in time. Next problem delayed flights set me back and daylight was fading fast. Finally arrive 1 ½ before sunset and had a 30- 40 minute drive to the location. The roads were not too bad and arrive with 30 minutes of daylight left. I pressed on. On site, 3-4 inches of snow on the ground, 15 Degrees Fahrenheit, -9 Celsius, a little wind, pushed the wind chill to around 10 degrees. Not exactly the right conditions for prancing around in high heels, pantyhose, very short white vinyl shorts and a white shirt on. On the positive side I had packed my stiletto white boots with 5 inch heels, so I’d at least have some boots on to deal with the snow. Probably not the boot most people would chose for walking in the snow down a path thru the woods. The plan had called for arriving earlier in the day and creating an ice lock. Two problems there, didn’t make it to the hotel and an ice lock would be worthless when the temp is around 15 degrees. So go with the backup, plan B. Long rope with scissors at the end. Use my bound hands to pull the rope 4-5 inches at a time. 50 feet of rope would take some time pulling the scissors 50 feet and then up to my hands. I’ve used that method for year as the backup plan and had to use it several times. I kept marching on. I had put on 4 pair of panties hose when I left the house so that part was done. I changed into my white stiletto boots in the car along with putting my white vinyl shorts and a white shirt. I was dressed, only needed to bring the rope, facemask and wig.
Got to the site, jump out of the car, wow it was cold !, I grabbed my jeans and put them on, and grabbed my coat to. Decide to put my white boots back on under my jeans. There were several cars around but I doubt anyone would notice my white stiletto’s under my jeans. Gabbed my backpack and headed off. It’s about a 100 yards to my location along the dog path. Got to my location, my feet were hurting, but I was warm with jeans and a coat on. My stashed stuff was still there and I proceeded to get setup. Put up the 2 cameras, the best I could under the conditions of time and coldness, turned them on and got to work. Decided due to time and how cold it was that I’d play is safe and just lock up to the tree, hands over head, to a rope that was around the tree that I had put there on a previous trip, and use the scissors to cut that rope. So I took a deep breath and strip off the coat and jeans, click in and got after the rope to the scissors rope. This needed to happen in the next 5-10 minutes, and it did. Pulled the scissors rope as fast as I could, but as you can see I had issues with the rope and not taking the time to get things straighten out I had a knot mess, and it was tangled in my wrists, stopped for a minute, caught my breath, and then went after the scissors, cut the rope that was around the tree and went for the jeans and coat right away, yes the keys were in the jacket pocket. Grabbed the cameras and headed for a warn car. Then the next problem, in my hast to get going neither camera produced much in the terms quality. One camera, didn’t have anything, and the other one was to far away, I thought it was zoomed in. I’ve posted what I have. I’ll be back to this location in the future and will get all the problems worked out. Enjoy,




What format of video do you use? I can never see the ones you post here, they just come up as a black block?
(27 Nov 2018, 06:10 )MstrChain Wrote: What format of video do you use? I can never see the ones you post here, they just come up as a black block?

check again, RA does some magic and all seems to start working
(27 Nov 2018, 14:58 )DressBindFun Wrote: RA does some magic
I did not do anything this time - it was working for me straight away. Most likely the link was posted here before pornhub converted the video.
Still just a big old black block, no content. I thought you might know what format you used and I would look for a driver for that format. No biggie, don't have to see every video posted here. 😊
(27 Nov 2018, 19:13 )MstrChain Wrote: Still just a big old black block, no content.
o- Is JavaScript enabled?
o- Do you have any overly configured AdBlocker, that blocks even legit content?
o- What browser are you using?
o- Are you on the mobile Internet?
o- Is pornhub blocked for you?

You can try this direct link:
o- Is JavaScript enabled? Yes
o- Do you have any overly configured AdBlocker, that blocks even legit content? Turned off AdBlocker
o- What browser are you using? I am using SlimJet. Have also tried Edge, chrome
o- Are you on the mobile Internet? No
o- Is pornhub blocked for you? Let's me in, but all content is text.
(27 Nov 2018, 22:50 )MstrChain Wrote: Is pornhub blocked for you? Let's me in, but all content is text.
OK, at least it's not this site, that causes the problem 😉

Something is blocking some content on your side. A local firewall? Adult content blocker? A firewall setup by the provider (I know that some UK providers are forced to implement "default" pr0n filters)?
After having a very short session yesterday, I wanted more. I cut my
Business meeting short, got done what I needed to do quickly and off I went.
Arrived back that the location with 3 hours of play time before my next flight. I notice that in the 18 hours since I was onsite, that the area was very busy. I could see tracks in the snow that several people had actually walked within 5 feet of the tree I was using. Got me thinking about the location given that I had left at dark the night before and now it was 1pm in the afternoon the next day. How could so many people take a walk thru the woods in 15 degree temp in the 7 hours of daylight since I had left. I decided to relocate a little deeper into the woods. Found a new location and setup camp. Since I had enough time I could do a complete bondage session, I just had to tough out the cold, but that is the fun part. I kept my coat on while I got into my outfit, keeping my torso warm. Put on extra socks to keep my feet warm. That left one area exposed to the cold. From my waist to my knees. Perfect, I just love to torture my thighs. Hot, cold, tightly bound, 10s unit shock, or beat with a whip, doesn’t make me any different what you use, just torture my thighs. I’ve been using a dominatrix lately that has the process down to a science. It drives me crazy, more on that later. I had 2 1/2 hours to play with. Decided to keep the same setup, simple scissors for the cut out. The idea is to hold out as long as I can and then go for the release. Everything was working. Set the alarm for 2 hours, bold, no way, maybe I could hold out an hour. Bound up, and click the lock. Now just hang on as long as possible. Arms and wrist started to hurt, then the thighs were feeling very cold, whole body was starting to cooling down. Started the scissor pull and cut out. Went to the clock, made is 1 ¼ hours, no wonder I’m feeling it. What a great session. Wish it didn’t have to end. Started to pickup stuff, grab a camera, ugh, it wasn’t on, grab the other one, it wasn’t on neither. How can that be!, Grrrr, a great session and I don’t have anything to remember it by. Ok, I’m still dressed and the majority of ropes are still in place, so I decided to just run a quick 5 minute session. Put up another rope real quick and locked in for a few minutes making sure both cameras were on. I have taken the 3 minute session and posted it. The only bright side is that the short video is in high def 4K. I’ve also decided to add some special effects as closeups as I’m learning to use filmora better. You can almost read the writing on the lock. Enjoy

(27 Nov 2018, 05:52 )DressBindFun Wrote: -9 Celsius, a little wind
That's creepy...

(28 Nov 2018, 14:13 )DressBindFun Wrote: with 3 hours of play time before my next flight
And that's tight!
(28 Nov 2018, 14:13 )DressBindFun Wrote: Started to pickup stuff, grab a camera, ugh, it wasn’t on, grab the other one, it wasn’t on neither.
Whoa! A good example to explain what an utter frustration is!

(27 Nov 2018, 05:52 )DressBindFun Wrote: ice lock would be worthless when the temp is around 15 degrees.
Errrmm.... Good point... Not worthless, but rather too effective 😁

(27 Nov 2018, 05:52 )DressBindFun Wrote: Long rope with scissors at the end.
Not 100% reliable, especially in the woods... Mmm....

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