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Oil in the tub
Just found this site recently, and there's a lot of great ideas that i'd love to try. I started out simple, trying the oil in the tub that was thought up a few years ago:

I did it slightly modified since i was just going for a quick run, and didn't do a full hogtie. i did do a light frogtie with my legs, and handcuffed my hands behind me. Also did a packed mouth with tape gag and taped a blindfold over my eyes to keep me from seeing. Didn't take too long until i managed to get out of the tub, but gave me some other ideas for future attempts:

1) handcuffs may not be that good unless you're skilled at double locking and unlocking them without seeing them. A lot of risk of them tightening on you. I think i'll use rope cuffs next time

2) Like it was mentioned in the original page, a water based lube would be a easier option (albeit more expensive than vegetable oil)

3) A shallow tub like mine is probably easier to get out of than a deeper tub, although where I wasn't in a full hogtie ... a really fun idea would be to coat the floor of the bathroom in oil, and try to get to a key ring that's 3 feet up in the air ... blindfolded, so you can't see it either ...

4) If you do use oil in the tub like I did, after you get out, just get back in, turn on the hot water and add soap! Pretty easy clean-up there.

For my next project, I think I will experiment on a release mechanism like the candle here: - need to work out timing and making sure the candle doesn't fall over as it gets near the cut

maid heather
The best and cheapest water-based lubricant I have ever tried is J-Lube. I'll add more info on that later.

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