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New suspension set up
Well folks, its been a while, but I've been busy in the workshop again. Having been inspired by some of Drea Morgan's bondage videos and wondered if I could replicate some of the ideas. In particular, this one has always been a favourite...


]Drea Morgan - Choked Frogtie[/url]

Doing something this by yourself requires a bit of thought and I'm still experimenting but I think I've cracked it (though no rope around the neck I assure you). The set up requires a strong point on the ceiling, an electric winch/hoist and a reducer gearbox. The gearbox I chose was a 1:60 which with the winch gives around 1 rotation every 2 minutes. The winch was dismantled to remove the winding gear and wire rope leaving the motor and output shaft. The gearbox needed attaching somehow and I had to resort to raiding my mechanics socket set and turning a shaft on the lathe for the output. The winch-reducer gearbox are mounted on a sturdy frame which is screwed to the floor. A wooden shaft or spoke is secured to the output drive from the reducer gearbox which is 90 degrees to the input from the winch. A bolt through the end of the shaft/spoke provides an attachment point for a rope which is then threaded through the strong point on the ceiling and down to your cuffs (see images). I drilled holes through the plastic guard on the winch switch gear through which I push a nail to keep the switch depressed.

I'm still experimenting but it seems to work ok. A release mechanism could be an ice lock between the shaft/spoke and the ceiling strong point, but for now I'm using panic-trigger releases. Things that need improving are (a) a stronger frame as it tends to flex under load, and (b) a non-stretch rope. The winch tends to get hot when run for longer periods and cuts out. It then starts again when cool enough, which can be rather nice... a random stop-start-stop-start effect. 

I'm busy thinking up uses, but definitely not the neck rope as in Drea's video!!!

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