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New project
Hi folks,

Not posted for a while as I've been busy and lack of opportunity to "play". Anyway... I'm just off shopping for my new workshop project and inspired by MJ's post #125 under pantyhose cock sheath... Pantyhose cock sheath... shopping outfit ...I thought I'd dress for the occasion and add a little bit of excitement!

I'm wearing one of the wife's corsets, her six strap suspender belt, nylons and panties plus a CB6000 and a large butt plug. Oh... and some street clothes. 

Hardware/timber merchants here we come.


I'm back, and no it didn't take nearly 24hrs to make a trip the the hardware/timber merchants! I bought a 3m length of 25x225  and 2m length of 25x175 planed redwood and box of screws which are now in the workshop with the existing timber I'd sorted out for the "project". I also bought a deck cleat (see photo) from a Chandlers. It was an interesting shopping expedition knowing what I was wearing beneath my street clothes. The corset was done up pretty tight making breathing and moving a little difficult, especially getting in and out of the car. The CB6000 wasn't too uncomfortable as some people have described... Chastity - the good and the bad ...but I knew I had it on under my jeans. Back home I stashed the timber and cleat in the workshop and went to get changed where the butt plug made a rather hurried exit! oops. Today I'm in the workshop making a lot of wood shavings and saw dust!!

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DSC_3283.jpg thumbnail    This has been a looooong time in the making, largely due to lack of opportunity. But tonight is the night as I have the house to myself until 2am! Here's the kit I've been working on in the workshop. All ready for erection... ahem... pardon the pun!  Big Grin
DSC_3284.jpg thumbnail    Can you tell what it is yet?
DSC_3285.jpg thumbnail    OK... how about now?
DSC_3286.jpg thumbnail    ...and what about this?
DSC_3289.jpg thumbnail    DSC_3291.jpg thumbnail    Now you get the idea!  Smile ...well at least partly. Maybe the mechanics need some explaining? Strapped in with the belts and crotch-device in place, your wriists are tied/shackled to the white rope which is tied to the heavy metal weight via the deck cleat and via an ice-lock. The black cord holds the weight in place until released via a simple pin quick-release mechanism. The weight then drops pulling the white rope tight through the non-return ratchet of the deck cleat. Voila! You are stuck and held tight unable to move until the ice lock melts, releasing your arms allowing you free yourself from the straps.
DSC_3290.jpg thumbnail    ...gotta dress accordingly of course!
It would be nice to have a full picture - I still can't figure out how you secure your wrists.

Fantastic device! Great job!
(29 Sep 2017, 22:32 )steve6322 Wrote: ...gotta dress accordingly of course!

Looks great, Steve.

I guess you're shackled now. Hope your ice melts on time!
All done. I'm shattered. That was hard work! I had to jettison the ball gag... as it was just too hard to breathe while struggling with straps and stuff. The crotch-device didn't work as planned as it would stay tightly in place and kept on slipping down. Back to the drawing board there (needs to tweaking). Still the rest worked ok after some fiddling around making strap length adjustments. Ice took ~30mins to melt out. I used my heavy duty leather wrist restraints and a slipknot on the white rope to tie in. When you release the weight, the slip knot comes tight holding your wrists close together. The deck cleat prevents you pulling back on the white rope thus keeping you in nice tight bondage. I think I'll use a padlock to fasten the wrist loops and rope together next time as I think I could've just about undone the buckles if I'd tried hard enough. Still, as it was I just enjoyed the sensation of being tied and stretched tight in that position. Arms and back ache nicely now, so bed time me thinks.  Wink

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