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New ones it has been awhile and im still very new to this
Let me know what ya think?

P1020015.JPG thumbnail    P1010984.JPG thumbnail    P1020034.JPG thumbnail    P1020035.JPG thumbnail    P1020063.JPG thumbnail    P1020037.JPG thumbnail    P1020053.JPG thumbnail   

Anyone live in Cali?
I think it's not wise to sit on the sink!
[x] needs more shoes!
heres some more P1020140.JPG thumbnail    P1020057.JPG thumbnail    P1020070.JPG thumbnail    P1020075.JPG thumbnail    P1020085.JPG thumbnail    P1020099.JPG thumbnail    P1020109.JPG thumbnail    P1020115.JPG thumbnail    P1020145.JPG thumbnail    P1020144.JPG thumbnail    P10201562.jpg thumbnail   
Pretty good one Wink